The Transformation

If you walked into a Unitarian or Universalist church in the early 50’s, and then again in the late 80’s, you would not think it was the same religion. What happened? Children and Youth Choirs sing, and children will join for the first part of the service.

Celebrating Diwali

Lex Johnson, who participated in Rev. Claire’s preaching class, is bringing us a Diwali celebration! Her sermon will explore how her cross-cultural childhood is relevant for UUs today. Choir will sing Indian-inspired music.

The Importance of Preparation

Chickens and Eggs. The changing culture and the changing church. How can they best relate?

What Do You Know About Elephants?

Thank You, O Universe, for Elephants.

The Present Moment and the New Future

The third great transformation in Unitarian Universalism in my lifetime. Summing up our history and drawing lessons for the future.