Music Sunday February 4, 2024


Follen believes in the transcendent power of music.

Our music program deepens our individual and collective spiritual experience, engaging congregants of all ages in the fellowship and joy of making music together. The Follen Music Program builds and binds our inclusive community, inspiring us to care for each other and work for justice.


The mission of the Follen Music Program is to:

  • Minister to the Follen Community through music.
  • Enhance the worship services and support the sermon’s message with meaningful music that speaks to the soul.
  • Explore how music can expand awareness and embody Follen’s commitment to being an anti-racist congregation.
  • Provide opportunities for musical growth, fellowship, and participation for all ages.

Core Values of the Follen Music Program

  • Music at Follen draws from a diverse range of genres and sources, providing all with a connection to the familiar as well as exposure to the new.
  • Music is integral to creating ritual and tradition for the Follen community. Care should be taken to maintain traditions, and they should be revisited and revised regularly to ensure relevance.
  • The music program helps us live out Follen’s commitment to being a welcoming, inclusive, and anti-racist congregation by lifting up diverse and under-represented voices while being conscious and careful about cultural appropriation.
  • Music at Follen welcomes the congregation not only as audience members but also as active participants in meaningful music making.
  • The Follen community values the professional expertise of the Music Director and commits to upholding our Covenant of Right Relations in building a relationship together.