When Cultures Meet: An Experiential Workshop

Join us for Experiential Learning!

Saturday, December 2, 9:30am-4:00pm

In the Sonin Room. Space is limited.

Register by November 21 at crrt@follen.org

We’ve probably all had experiences in groups or organizations where different ways of working, priorities, or behavioral expectations lead to misunderstandings and conflict. How can groups understand those differences – whether they are driven by function, demographics or hierarchy – and develop greater capacity for mutual understanding and support?

This workshop involves an experiential activity with participants working in two different “cultural” groups. This experience gets to the heart of what happens when cultures meet, especially when one group is the dominant culture to which others are expected to adhere. The full group will then reflect on their experiences in roles, debrief, and consider a strategic framework for creating a robust and inclusive culture. 

This workshop is being sponsored by Follen’s Covenant of Right Relations Team (CRRT). Our workshop leader will be Jeff Boudro, Executive Director of Power+Systems, Inc.  Jeff assumed leadership of Power+Systems in 2018 after the retirement of founders Barry and Karen Oshry. Jeff has facilitated Power+System’s programs since 2000 and has worked with a wide variety of organizations.