What’s Clucking with Kiva?

Supporting Marie Jeannine, and More on November 6

Marie Jeannine, a single mother of six from Madagascar (see photo), makes her living raising chickens. Through Follen’s Kiva Program, we made a loan to this active and resourceful woman to buy 100 chicks and their feed.

Hers is just one of the almost 1,000 loans we’ve made since 2009.

Now I know you expect some puns but chicken-related humor is at a crossroads. Making chicken puns isn’t easy. You have to think outside the boks. But we at the Kiva Committee have been working around the cluck to bring them to you. We are trying to set a good EGGSample. We hope we made youcrack up with our yolks (and we didn’t use any fowl language).

Kiva Sunday is November 6. Whom do you want to loan to?