What to Expect on Sundays starting Oct 24

Worship in the Sanctuary Begins October 24! You will continue to be able to participate on Zoom. If you are coming to Follen, here’s what to expect:

Before the service

  • From 8:45 am until 10 am the choir will be rehearsing with Interim Music Coordinator Shaylor Lindsay in the Sanctuary. Until 10 am the Sanctuary belongs to the choir! Unless you wish to listen quietly to the rehearsal, please leave the Sanctuary doors closed.  Additional rehearsal may also take place in the Anne Smith Room between 10:00 and 10:20.
  • When driving in the loop and parking, keep an eye out for children.
  • OWL begins early at 10:00am. RE teachers will be prepping for outdoor classes (if weather allows.)  RE Assistant, Lori Moresco, will be at the RE Table outside in front of the Sanctuary to check in all Sunday School children between 10:15-10:30am. If classes are to move indoors due to severe weather, parents will receive an email notice by 8:30am that morning, and “check in” will take place inside the Community Center.
  • Please try to arrive by 10:20 to get your nametag, bring your child to their RE teachers (probably outdoors!), and find your seat!
  • You will be able to collect your nametag from the magnetic boards in the foyer of the Sanctuary. We will have a Membership Table set-up outside in front of the Sanctuary for Newcomers and anyone needing to make a nametag. At that table we will also have the red, yellow, and green interaction indicator stickers if you need one. If it is raining, we will move all of these items into the foyer of the Sanctuary.

During the service

  • At 10:30 am we will begin our service! People will be joining us from three places: the Sanctuary pews; online on Zoom; and for those who wish, outdoors on the patio (audio only).
  • Everyone indoors must be masked! We expect that everyone ages 12 and up attending indoors activities at Follen is vaccinated.
  • Speakers and performers in the service will unmask as needed, as per our Safety Policy which aligns with the Lexington mask mandate and exceptions for houses of worship.
  • The only communal hymn singing in the service will be one short hymn, at the very end of the service. Other music will be done by instrumentalists and soloists. The choir is next expected to sing in worship on November 21.
  • Religious Education classes will continue outdoors as long as weather is over 40 degrees and little to no precipitation. Once 5-11 year olds have had time to begin or complete the vaccination process, RE will begin to move indoors more regularly.

After the service

  • Social Hour refreshments will be served and consumed outdoors only! The Community Center will be open for mingling and conversation, but masks are required.
  • Parents and guardians should pick up their younger children from their RE class spaces (either indoors or outdoors) at 11:30am. Older children will be accompanied to the Social Hour space (either outdoors or indoors) to be met by parents there.