Volunteer Service Network News

Do you need practical help?  The Volunteer Service Network doesn’t take a vacation.  With over 100 Follenites on our roster, someone is sure to be around to provide a much needed meal, ride, or assistance with odd jobs.  If you need help, please contact us at vsn@follen.org.

 After three years Caroline Jacobs is retiring from the position of Co-Chair for the Volunteer Service Network.  Caroline has been super reliable, speedily connecting Follenites in need with those who are able to be of service.  She helped usher the VSN into the twenty-first century with our revamped, on-line system, and leaves the whole program in great shape for our next Co-Chair, Wendy Slattebo.  Wendy will work with Amy Horsburgh to keep the VSN running smoothly.  Thank you, Caroline, and welcome, Wendy!