Virtual Church, Real Relationships



The Follen Church building is closed as of March 17, although very limited staff use is allowed. You can read the details here in this message from the Safety Team.



Sunday morning worship has moved online. We plan a multigenerational offering each week, which will include a chalice lighting, music, a pastoral message, joys and sorrows, and social time after. Please note: our staff are new to using Zoom in this way, and many of our Follenites will be using Zoom for the first time–let’s be kind and patient with each other as we all learn! In the case of technical difficulties, look for a post on the Follen Members and Friends facebook page. Thanks to all Follenites and all staff who are diving into new technologies and learning new ways of being!

Live-streaming: Ahead if time, you can register for our gathering with zoom, download the app to your computer and/or phone if you haven’t yet, and practice.

On Sunday morning after 10:15 am, join Follen’s Worship Zoom Room for a live worship experience online. This link (as well as the “Live Stream” button on the home page) takes you to the registration page, where you will enter your name and email. You will be emailed a unique link that you can click to join all future Follen worship services.

To skip this step each week, you can keep the unique registration link that is emailed to you (bookmark it, keep that email handy, subscribe in your google calendar). Then you can go straight to that link when you are ready to join the worship service. If you do not do this, you will simply do the registration step each time.

Help: If you have trouble with Zoom after practicing and watching the tutorials, you can email your issue and phone number to and a friendly Follenite will give you a call.

Submit Prayers of Joy and Sorrow Ahead of Time: Use this form to submit joys and sorrows by 8am on Sunday morning.

Order of Service: Download a PDF of the Order of Service.

Donate to Follen Online here.

Videos of Past Services: Find archive of videos here:


The RE Action Team is working on providing resources to you all at this time. They continue to meet over Zoom and at the new Follen RE Family Connections Facebook page.

Weekly Family Spirit Emails with many resources of prayers, meditations, activities, and more!

April 8 Family Spirit Email

April 1 Family Spirit Email

March 26 Family Spirit Email

Monthly Family Resources     April      March

Virtual RE Connections
There are abundant offerings from your Religious Education staff and volunteers. Find it all here on the Virtual RE Connections page!

RE-Flections Blog
Director of Religious Education Beryl Aschenberg will post entries from time to time in her RE-Flections blog.


How do you make music when you are not in the same room? We are learning. And as Director of Music Vivian Montgomery says, “Music connects us.”

Music Director’s Musings Blog
Director of Music Vivian Montgomery’s latest blog is here. You can read all of Vivian’s blog entries here.

There will be Zoom “rehearsals” for Children’s & Youth Choirs, Operetta chorus, and Adult Choir at their usually scheduled times, plus a number of other engaging offerings throughout the week. Going forward, there will be playful, socially distanced ways of preparing for Sunday worship experiences as well as working toward longer term goals (Dvorak mass for Adult Choir, Easter, Operetta, and Freedom Land for Melanie DeMore’s return in June).



For safety reasons, you need to get your Zoom links directly from the meeting host, via email.

Coffee with Claire
Wednesdays, 10-11am

Snack Time with Ms. Jody
Thursdays, 10am, for children ages 4-8 and their families

Spirited Music Meetup with Vivian
Thursday, 5pm, April 2

Coming of Age Meetings
Certain Sundays, 4pm

FUUY Youth Group Gatherings
Sundays, 6:30-8:00pm

Want To Schedule a Zoom Meeting through Follen?
We have a new Zoom account that can be used for the various group meetings taking place between Follenites. Since this is a paid account, it is not subject to the 40-minute meeting limit, and can manage up to 100 attendees. However there is only one account, so we may need to be flexible about scheduling to avoid conflicts. We will make the schedule available through a google calendar that will be shared with you after you schedule your first meeting. Instructions and links will be sent out to the meeting hosts. To schedule a meeting, please contact Howie Bernstein at

Best Practices at Follen for using Zoom
Follen has developed some best practices for using Zoom. Find them here.


Don’t forget your online directory, Breeze!

Enjoy the many posts in our Facebook Group. We now have over 300 members in this closed group. Consider joining if you are a Follen Member or Friend!