Views from FUUY’s Cape Cod Weekend

from Liana Raberg, Youth Program Coordinator

FUUY completed another successful fall retreat to Cape Cod Sea Camps last weekend! The weather was (mostly) kind to us, and everyone enjoyed a chance to disconnect from their week, connect with each other, and reconnect with ourselves.
We arrived Saturday late afternoon, settled into our cabin, and had some down time before a yummy dinner of burgers and salad. After dinner we played some games, had a group check-in, and did some welcoming/affirming FUUY traditions. Sunday morning everyone was up early and meditating on the beach by 9:30 (can you believe that??). Gracie led the group in a Quaker-inspired mindfulness activity where we spread out along the beach and listened in silence to the sounds of the ocean, felt the sand, and smelled the salt air. That was followed by an afternoon of field games, walks, music, and a trip to the Brewster General Store (an old-timey general store with penny candy and souvenirs).

Saturday night following dinner we headed down to the beach again for a very special activity. We lit biodegradable paper lanterns that rise into the air when filled with heat, and watched them float out above the ocean. Some people chose to think of a wish or a hope as they watched the light float away. Then we spent the rest of the night around a campfire, making s’mores, playing music, and reflecting on the trip.

Throughout the weekend every single person chipped in to help prepare and clean up after meals, keep the cabin clean, and take care of each other. YAC leaders are responsible for thoughtfully planning the weekend to include the perfect mix of fun, downtime, and meaningful bonding. Everyone played a valuable part in making this trip the amazing experience it was. Thank you.