Update from your Construction Oversight Group

So much progress since we last wrote, two weeks ago! Last week, Joe Turner’s cool drone photos showed our ‘submarines’: the drainage structures…this week they are fully buried, and the last pieces of drainage piping are due to be completed very soon, so that our new walkways and exterior ramps and steps can be built. The concrete pad for the chiller (the large air conditioning unit between the CC wall and Barnes Place) is next, as are the block retaining walls for the chiller and the new CC side entry to the playground.
Inside, the elevator company has started assembling the hoistway parts. The painters are busy pre-treating all the trim for the baseboards and door and window casings (all the wood on the racks is stained and drying)

And we all reviewed a ‘mock-up’ of our interior stairway railing system. There will be a maple cap on the top of the guardrail, ultimately, and our architect, Doug Jack, is holding the metal handrail part.

We have been enjoying watching the plasterers – those women are so capable on their stilts!

We also toured the whole site today with our bank loan managers, who were very impressed with the scope and progress of the project. This is encouraging to those of us living with it every day – the windows will be here in mid-August, and it was a pleasure to explain the impact those will have!

Still keeping cool, Alice and Valerie