Travel to Transylvania in September?

Follen Members Invited to 300th Anniversary in Romania this September!

Rev. Jozsef Dimeny of Follen’s Unitarian partner congregation in the rural village of Sentmihaly, Transylvania, Romania, is inviting all Follen members to visit Sentmihaly for his church’s 300th anniversary on Sunday Sept. 17! Sentmihaly congregants will meet you at the airport in Cluj and house you in their homes. And you’ll have the option for guided tours of historic Unitarian sites. Many Follen members have made this tour, and it is memorable!

So don’t wait until Unitarianism’s 500th anniversary in 2068. If you’ve wondered about the place where our faith and Dracula got their starts – here’s your chance to visit at low shoulder-season flight rates! For more info, contact Sarah Richards at Bon Voyage!