Our Transylvanian Friends Invite Your Family

Special April 2017 School Vacation Trip

Follen’s Partner Church in Transylvania, Romania, has invited us to visit during school vacation, April 14–23, 2017. We will spend the weekend in Alsofelsozentmihaly, tour historic UU sites during the week, and then return for a second weekend in our partner village. The tour includes: Torda where the first act of religious tolerance in Europe was signed in 1568; Sibiu, the nicest city in Romania according to John Dale, our tour director; Deva, the citadel where Francis David was martyred; and Sighisoara, the walled medieval city that is both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the purported birthplace of Vlad Tepes, aka Dracula. Tour cost is approximately $1,000. Airfare is about $1,300. Learn about our Unitarian heritage. Enjoy homestays with our partners. Several partial scholarships for high school students are available. Contact Sarah Richards or Barbara Meikle for further information or email partner_church@follen.org.