This Week in Religious Education


Sunday, September 30

10:30-11:45am RE Program at Waldorf School (during construction)
Young people in the Nursery – 8th Grades are invited to join us for fun, exploration, and meaning-making each Sunday. Not registered yet?  REGISTER YOUR CHILD/TEEN HERE!

  • PreK-Kindergarten: Miss Jody will be gone this Sunday. Paula J and Tuna C will guide the children in the lesson “I can Move!” with the book, “Wild, Wild, Sunflower Child Anna” by Nancy While Carlstrom.
  • 1-2 Grade: The class will explore some treasures that hearts and minds can create to make a difference in our world. This class will be joining the 3-5 Grade for a presentation from our Music Director, Vivian Montgomery, about the Children’s Choir. Parents- please retrieve your kids from the 3-5th grade room on the top floor of the Waldorf.
  • 3-5 Grade: Our “Moral Tales” class will focus on the theme of “Our Conscience- Hearing our Inner Voice” and read the book “The Secret of Saying Thanks” by Douglas Wood.  They will also host our 1-2 grade class in a presentation by Vivian Montgomery (see above).
  • 6-8 Grade: A closer look at our Unitarian Universalist belief in the value and practice of “service to others”.
  • 6:30-8:30pm- FUUY 
    Follen Unitarian Universalist Youth (FUUY) is for high school students in Grades 9-12. FUUY meets this Sunday evenings from 6:30-8:30 in the Waldorf School’s Orchestra Room. Please don’t be late: the Waldorf doors lock automatically at 7:00pm. This week we’ll focus on creating a group covenant!


OWL Classes will be Thursdays, 7-9pm (NEW TIME) at Sacred Heart beginning October 4! Please contact Beryl Aschenberg, the Director of Religious Education, at or at 781-862-3805, ext. 1004, with any questions or to RSVP for the orientation.


Important RE Information for Parents and Guardians:

Visit our Webpage for Information about the RE Program

Visitors Are Welcome in RE!
Children are welcome to be our guests up to three times before we require registration for the RE program. Come check us out: we look forward to introducing your child to great teachers and new friends this year in our borrowed Waldorf space.

New Procedure: Sign-In Clipboard for Nursery-2nd Grade
For safety reasons, our youngest children must be signed in and out of the RE program at Waldorf each week. Please use clipboards by classroom doors. We’re also trying a “High Five Goodbye” this year for these little ones. Teachers can give you details.

Feed Your Children, Please
Our lovely borrowed space at Waldorf this year precludes our use of snacks during RE Classes. Parents, please be sure your children have a good breakfast before they arrive on Sundays. They will be welcome to join us for Coffee Hour treats after the service.

Financial Assistance Available
If paying for religious education registration would be a hardship, please contact Sarah Garner, Church Administrator, at to waive or negotiate this fee. No one will ever be turned away from RE participation due to financial challenges!