Thank you for a year of Follen via Zoom!

A message from WMAT

The Worship and Music Action Team extends our heartfelt thanks to the incredible, hard-working staff and volunteers who made a year of pandemic Zoom services not only possible, but joyous, enriching, community-connecting events.

In a ‘normal’ year, Sunday morning worship is just one of the many ways we experience Follen. In 2020-2021, with in-person events on hold, Sunday services and coffee hour breakout rooms became a real lifeline, a time for both deep spiritual practice and for checking in with fellow Follenites. Record Zoom attendance and the number of people who ‘zoomed in’ from far-flung locations testify to the power of Follen’s worship services this year.

WMAT members got a behind-the-scenes view of just how much work it took to make Sunday mornings a ‘can’t-miss’ church hour. Everyone stepped up in ways we could not have imagined before the pandemic and we are grateful for the dedication and creativity of the people who made this year a success.

To the Follen staff – Thank you! We are so impressed with the pivot you made from ministering to us in-person to ministering to us online. Each of you brought creativity and clarity to what was a huge learning curve. 

To our volunteers and worship participants – Thank you! Ditto for all the Zoom hosts, talented FUUY members, chalice lighters, lay ministers, choir members, guest preachers, video editors, a/v and tech specialists, and others.

To the Follen community – Thank you! 

Thank you for the constancy, creativity and blessings you gave us in this challenging year.

— Worship & Music Action Team