We Still Need More RE Leaders

Religious Education registration will continue this week following worship.  While we need two teachers for regular classes for grades PreK-8, we still are urgently seeking the following:

  • 1 trained OWL teacher, male or genderqueer or transgender
  • 1 or 2 Coming of Age Advisors (these are not mentors, these are advisors who lead COA for the year)
  • 3 or more FUUY advisors (who work as part of a team with other advisors, on a schedule – average 1-2 FUUY meetings/month)
  • 2 or more Middle School youth group advisors to work with this group in an enhanced middle school program of fun, friendship and adventure, likely on Sunday evenings

OWL and COA can NOT begin until these programs are fully staffed.  Middle School youth group can not begin until staffed.  Please, if you are interested in even exploring these possibilities, contact Deb Weiner, Interim Director of Religious Education (781-862-3805 x 204).