Rev. Tom Schade

Return of the Preacher’s Kid

Rev. Tom Schade was a child at Follen — his father, Rev. Bob Schade, was Follen’s minister 1947-1951. Tom grew up to become a UU minister too, and served the First Unitarian Church in Worcester. We are excited to welcome Tom back to Follen and hear his dynamic preaching. Read/Download Tom Schade’s “From Religious Freedom … Continued


Rev. Tom Schade, our Sabbatical Minister will introduce himself and his one recurring sermon. (Every minister has one they preach over and over again with different examples. His is the “Power of Today.”) Music: Shaylor Lindsay, piano.


We welcome the start of our Follen church year! Rev. Tom Schade has some experience with a church building project. The last month was the worst, a vivid reminder that the church was not the building, but the community. His sermon? “The Hardest Part.” Adult choir will sing!