Rev. Susanne Intriligator

Tipping the Balance

Are you “juggling” priorities or “walking a tightrope” in your career?  Or do these crazy circus-skills metaphors just make you feel more stressed out? Let’s talk about how to live full, rich, varied and happy lives, despite all the demands and distractions of our busy world. Rev. Susanne opens our month on the Worship Theme of “Balance.” Read/Download … Continued

Secret Weapon?

As the mid-term elections approach, Rev. Susanne invites us to pause and re-consider how we engage in political conversations. What role does morality play? Can we learn to speak a moral language that resonates with a wider audience? Read/Download a PDF of “Secret Weapon?”  

A Way Forward

In these dangerous times, who can see a way forward? We’ll look at two modern-day prophets, faith leaders who are casting a vision of hope, building a movement across lines of faith, race, and class. They are showing us how to grow a Revolutionary Love, for ourselves, for others — and even for our opponents. Read/Download the reading, sermon, and … Continued

Mercy Within Mercy Within Mercy

How is mercy different from forgiveness or kindness? The Christian mystic Thomas Merton said that mercy is not an intellectual deduction; it is a happening. Mercy is “an event in which God reveals God’s self to us in redemptive love and in the great gift which is the outcome of this event: our mercy to others.” … Continued

Hospitality As a Spiritual Practice

How do you welcome the stranger — at work, at home, at church? How does our practice of hospitality demonstrate our belief in the worth and dignity of every person? We’ll look at ways to share Follen’s life-giving message with visitors, friends, and the wider world. Read/Download Susanne’s Hospitality Sermon.    

Crossing the Divide

After a month of Fear, we face the coming election — and after that, the holidays with our families. How do reach out, with courage, across our differences? How do we heal our nation and our relationships? Read/Download “Crossing the Divide”  

Lost and Found

“I believe in the sun, even when it is not shining. And I believe in love, even when there’s no one there,” wrote an anonymous poet in hiding in Cologne, during World War II. When we are lost in a wilderness, literal or figurative, how do we hold faith and find a road toward hope? Personal Point … Continued

Trust the Dawning Future More

In trying times, how do we build resilience, connection and hope? Drawing inspiration from UU history and from contemporary leaders like Bryan Stevenson and Rev. Dr. William Barber II, Rev. Susanne begins a sermon series about a way forward. Reading: Susanne shared an excerpt from Marge Piercy’s “For Strong Women” Sermon: Read or Download “Trust … Continued

Get Proximate

Justice advocate Bryan Stevenson has challenged UUs: “If you are willing to get closer to people who are suffering, you will find the power to change the world.” How do we do that? Read/Download “Get Proximate” sermon and reading

Changing the Narrative

To resist — and ultimately to dissolve — the politics of fear and anger, we need to build a new narrative for the future. And we start by telling the truth about the past. Join us for a sermon based on death row attorney Bryan Stevenson’s work and his recent challenge to all UUs. Read/Download the reading … Continued