Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn

Who Needs You?

What do you do when you get multiple calls in different directions? What if you have to decide between calls — say, between parenting and justice work? This week Rev. Claire looks at the story of Rev. Waitstill and Martha Sharp, Unitarian heroes who saved thousands — at great personal cost. Read/Download “Who Needs You?” Reading and Sermon from … Continued


This Sunday is Follen’s second annual Experi-Worship –YOU get to experiment with new expression during worship. Choose from: singing and special music, quiet meditation/prayer, Soul Collage, or social justice action. Special guest musicians from the UU Musicians Network.

Should You Choose To Accept It . . . 

We’ve heard about our context and history, the new callings of our faith toward justice and active anti-racism, and how each individual is called to follow their own moral compass— which means saying No sometimes. This Sunday Claire will bring all these strands together with a final reflection on Mission.

In the Dark

Mercy is not highly valued in the culture we live in. From road rage to pre-emptive war strikes, our culture is far more prone to holding grudges and hitting back than it is to turning the other cheek. How do we seek the counter-cultural way of loving mercy?

Gift Box

Rev. Claire opens some early presents, including a baby dedication. All ages are welcome.

“Embracing Darkness”

Rev. Claire continues her reflections on the monthly worship theme of perspective.

Choose Your Own Adventure

We’re in the middle of a big story. We don’t know the ending yet. It’s an uncomfortable and exciting place to be. Gather with us in worship to celebrate new beginnings, news members, new possibilities yet to come. Read/Download the PDF of “Choose Your Own Adventure” Video of New Member Ceremony, November 6, 2016 Video of … Continued

Into the Wilderness

Rev. Claire preaches on this month’s worship theme, Wilderness. The wilderness is undomesticated, beyond our understanding. How do we navigate through the chaos? Plus: Special music from Amy and Simon Horsburgh

Anti-Racism Teach-in

Once again Follen will join with hundreds of UU congregations across America to answer the call from the “Black Lives of UU” to learn more about white supremacy and how we can resist it. After the service we will install our new Black Lives Matter banner. Read/Download the Call to Worship, Reading, and Sermon October … Continued

Coming of Age: Two Services

Join Rev. Claire, Deb Weiner, and the Coming of Age advisors, mentors, and students to celebrate these amazing young people becoming adults. Two different services, 9:30 and 11:30am.