Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn

Christmas Eve

Three Services! 4pm Family Service: Our no rehearsal, no stress, pull-a-costume-out-of-a-trunk Nativity Pageant was fun for all ages, from the wiggly to the wise! 7:30pm and 9:30pm Rev. Claire and Vivian Montgomery led our beautiful and classic Christmas Eve Candlelight services, which combined readings, music, carols, a homily, and candlelight in a joyful and peaceful … Continued

What’s in a Name?

What do you call God? What does God call you? This Sunday Rev. Claire explores the power of a name.

Mission Creep

Sometimes we just have to say no. We can’t do it all. How do we separate what we must do from what we can’t do? Where is the line between No and Yes? Rev. Claire will be preaching, and the No Name Choir will sing works by Woody Guthrie and Tom Petty.  

Question Box

Go ahead, ask Rev. Claire. This Sunday is the annual Question Box service, when  Rev. Claire answers your questions live, in real time. With special music from our soloists. Congregational Meeting immediately following the service. Question Box Reading and “Sermon” “Mercy Mercy Mercy” “Poor Wandering One” “By My Side” Heritage Fund Discussion and Vote  


Rev. Claire will preach on the January theme of “Presence.”   Read a PDF of the sermon here. 01-06-18 Stewardship Sermon