Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn

The Power of Love

Power isn’t always might and brawn. There is a higher power to be found in love. Rev. Claire explores times that Love overcame all obstacles. Read a PDF of the sermon. 02-24-19 Power of Love sermon

The Others

Spiders and heights are one thing. What do we do about our fear of our fellow humans? Rev. Claire will reflect on some of the walls that stand between us, and how we can break them down. Also: special collection for Haiti. Read/Download sermon “The Others”

The Ordination of Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick

It’s Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick week! On Saturday at 4 pm, we will ordain former Follen intern Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick into the Unitarian Universalist ministry. We all look forward to calling her Rev. Hillary the next day, Sunday June 18, when she leads us in our first summer service.

Secret Shadows

Hidden shame. Unspoken stories. Secrets have the power to change our lives, even if we never know about them. Rev. Claire will hold the shadowy, often painful power of secrets up to the light. We will include one of Claire’s favorite songs about holding a secret inside, sung by Ben Horsburgh and Venice Mountain-Zona.  

Memorial Day Weekend

Rev. Claire and Follen member David Armstrong will lead a short, contemplative service of guitar music and remembrance, in honor of Memorial Day weekend


How can we embrace the spiritual virtue of humility while still striving to better ourselves and humankind? The choir embodies simplicity in song with Shaker worship service music.   Read a PDF of the sermon: 03-10-19 Humility and (Im)perfectability