Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn

Welcome… Home?

Join Rev. Claire, DRE Beryl Aschenberg, and Music Coordinator Shaylor Lindsay on Zoom as we open a new church year like none other. Our September worship theme is “Home” and while we won’t be in our physical spiritual home, we hope you all will come together in one massive Ingathering Service from our many homes.

Passing Over, Passing Through

Join us for online, family-friendly worship. Rev. Claire continues with the March worship theme: Time. Our worship will lift up the Jewish holy time of Passover and Christian holy day of Palm Sunday. What lessons from struggle, plague, triumph and failure do these ancient stories have for us today?

Join Us for Worship

For the third Sunday in Advent, Rev. Claire will explore the December worship theme of “Embodiment.” Join us in the Sanctuary or on Zoom.

Summer Services Begin!

Rev. Claire will lead us in our first service of the summer. Come worship in the more informal, intimate atmosphere of summer services! Video of the service will be posted later in the week.  


February begins a new worship theme, “Loyalty.” Loyalty is a virtue in relationships of all kind, and it can have a shadow side. Rev. Claire explores the concept of Loyalty in our faith life, our personal life, and our world. Read a PDF of the sermon here: 02-02-2020 Prayer Loyalty cards sermon and Melanie Demore

Being Kind – Yom Kippur

Online, Multigenerational: As Jewish people of the world honor the holy day of Yom Kippur, a time of atonement, how might we similarly turn our hearts towards repentence, forgiveness, and kindness? How can we embody in our actions the kind of world we wish existed?

Easter: Two Services!

Two Services! 6:15am: Peeper’s Pond, behind Follen and Waldorf. Register ahead of time please (details in newsletter)!  10:30am: Join Rev. Claire and Follen’s musicians for a joyful all ages service, live on Zoom. DRE Beryl Aschenberg will share a story and you can sing along with the choir’s rendition of the “Hallelujah Chorus.”

Christmas Eve

We will have one service this year, followed by caroling outdoors. Join us at 5pm for traditional candlelight in-person festivities, or join by Zoom.

Stewardship Sunday

Love is a feeling. Loyalty is a way to show that feeling in the world. How do you offer your love and loyalty to others? Rev. Claire, along with all three choirs, will celebrate our annual Stewardship Sunday in this multigenerational service. Read a PDF of the sermon here: 02-09-20 Stewardship sermon Today You tomorrow … Continued

Animal Blessing

Join us online for this multigenerational worship service! Bring your pet, a photo of a beloved pet, or a favorite stuffed animal. This service is special for all ages.