Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn

Back to the Well

“Resist, fight, react!” Yes, it is very important to stay engaged with the world around us, to work for justice, and play our part. AND we have to give ourselves time to rest, reflect, renew.  How can we make sure all that is urgent doesn’t crowd out all that is important?

Isaac Says No

Abraham heard an order from God to kill his son Isaac. Abraham, suffering and obedient, was ready to carry out the order. What if Isaac just said no? What if Isaac, in the words of Emma Gonzalez of Parkland, FL, said “We call BS!”?

Finding Our Touchstone

The worship theme this month is “Touchstones.” Rev. Claire will use the UU seven principles as one touchstone that guides our values and actions in the world, as seen through the lens of one of Follen’s longstanding traditions, the annual operetta. Children’s and Youth Choirs will sing in this multi-generational service. A PDF of the … Continued

Flower Communion

We celebrate our annual Flower Communion and bless babies and children!

Dialogue Sermon

In their weekly meetings, after they’ve planned worship, Rev. Claire and retiring Music Director Thomas Stumpf usually end up musing over the BIG questions: “What do you believe about God and suffering? What is your calling?”  In this compelling Dialogue Sermon, they share their personal answers with all of us.

Stewardship Sunday

What does Follen mean to you? Now more than ever, we need our unique religious community — and it needs us! Chalice Lighting by Fred Johnson   Personal Point by Chris Farnham   Invitation and Prayer by Kyle Johnson   “Alleluia” and “A Charge To Keep I Have”   “Funding the Revolution” Sermon and Reading

Remembering and Returning

All ages are welcome at 9:30 and 11:30 for multi-generational worship! Our children’s choir will sing at the 9:30 service and the youth choir at the 11:30 service. Rev. Claire will lead a service of reflection and remembrance for loved ones, and consideration of how our actions ripple out into the world. Please bring a photo of a departed loved one to … Continued

Our Name Is Jonah

This Sunday Rev. Claire will share the funny and exciting story of Jonah and the whale and the messages it holds for us today. We’ll hear the children’s and youth choirs sing joyful and beautiful music in this multigenerational service!

Reminder: You’re Going To Die

What is one truth that every human shares? A touchstone that can change our lives is our mortality. We are all going to die. A PDF of the sermon is available. 10-28-18 Touchstone of Mortality and Death

Mother’s Day Questions

Many mothers know–kids ask the best, hardest questions. And kids become adults who still don’t have answers! It’s Rev. Claire’s question box. What wonderings do you have about God, life, death, the world, prayer, people? This multigenerational service is open to people of all ages, and questions of all shapes and sizes!