Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn

Thanksgiving: Two Services

Our worship theme this month is Balance. Balance gets better with practice. What else do we get better at the more we practice it? Gratitude! Come this Thanksgiving Sunday for two fun-filled multi-generational services.

Meditations on Mercy

Rev. Claire will reflect on how can we embody mercy, peace, and lovingkindness. We will practice compassion and mercy together as our open-to-all “No Name Choir” leads us in a collage of hymns that includes “Amazing Grace,” as well as opening and closing the service with variations on the Taize meditative chant/song “Veni Sancte Spiritus.” … Continued

For You

A Chinese proverb states, “The fifth cup of tea between friends is the best.” Rev. Claire reflects on how we can find greater connection, intimacy, and meaning in friendships and relationships. This is her second sermon in a three-part series on the January spiritual theme of “presence.” Watch the reading and sermon: Or the full … Continued


February begins a new worship theme, “Loyalty.” Loyalty is a virtue in relationships of all kind, and it can have a shadow side. Rev. Claire explores the concept of Loyalty in our faith life, our personal life, and our world.

We Begin Again

The American story continues. A new chapter is being written. Join Rev. Claire this Sunday to reflect on the events of the past week, and to seek hope, healing, and courage in a divided world. Read/Download “We Begin Again”

The Narrow Place

On Sunday, we’ll hear our Youth Choir sing favorite pieces like “Baba Yetu,” and Rev. Claire will explore the worship theme of “Freedom” through the lens of Passover. The Hebrew name for Egypt is Mitzrayim, which means “a narrow place.” What narrow place do you need liberation from?  Personal Point by Nancy McCarthy The Youth Choir sings “Die Gedanken … Continued

Looking Up at the Stars

This Sunday, Revs. Claire and Susanne will welcome new members, honor veterans, and dive deeper into November’s worship theme of “Balance.” In a world with lots of bad news, how do we find hope — faith — and even laughter?

Beyond Mothering

Our worship theme this month is “Beyond,” and Rev. Claire will go beyond traditional explorations of Mother’s Day to reflect what it means to be a creator of life and healer of suffering.

Genghis Khan

Rev. Claire preaches a topic purchased at Follen’s annual Goods and Services Auction by Cas Groblewski. His topic: Genghis Khan! Watch just the reading and sermon: or the full service. Read a PDF of the sermon (long and short versions). 02-17-19 LONG VERSION Genghis Khan auction sermon 02-17-19 SHORT VERSION Genghis Khan service

Stewardship Sunday

Love is a feeling. Loyalty is a way to show that feeling in the world. How do you offer your love and loyalty to others? Rev. Claire, along with all three choirs, will celebrate our annual Stewardship Sunday in this multigenerational service.