Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn

Coming Home

Rev. Claire preaches her first sermon after returning from sabbatical leave. Director of Music Vivian Montgomery brings us a Klezmer band with musicians from Shir Tikva in Wayland and Follenites too as this lively musical tradition enters its third year! Read a PDF of the sermon here: 12-22-19 Back from sabbatical sermon


Our worship theme this month is “Perspective.” When we gain a new perspective on something, sometimes we call that an “epiphany”–just like the holiday many people celebrate on January 6th, Epiphany. What is an epiphany you have had in your life–and how did it change you? Music from Epp Sonin and Jamie Leutz. Read a … Continued

“Embracing Darkness”

Rev. Claire continues her reflections on the monthly worship theme of perspective. Read a PDF of the sermon here: 01-12-20 Embracing Darkness Perspective Kendi anti-racism

Need Some Advice?

As we close our month’s worship theme of Perspective, Rev Claire offers some of the best advice she’s ever heard. No Name Choir sings. Just the sermon: Full service: Read a PDF of the sermon here: 01-26-20 Advice

Welcome… Home?

Join Rev. Claire, DRE Beryl Aschenberg, and Music Coordinator Shaylor Lindsay on Zoom as we open a new church year like none other. Our September worship theme is “Home” and while we won’t be in our physical spiritual home, we hope you all will come together in one massive Ingathering Service from our many homes.


February begins a new worship theme, “Loyalty.” Loyalty is a virtue in relationships of all kind, and it can have a shadow side. Rev. Claire explores the concept of Loyalty in our faith life, our personal life, and our world. Read a PDF of the sermon here: 02-02-2020 Prayer Loyalty cards sermon and Melanie Demore