Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn

The Hunger for Peace

“No justice, no peace!” is the cry at marches and rallies. In a world so torn by so many kinds of conflict, suffering and strife, how can we find the peace we seek? Rev. Claire speaks on the hunger for peace in this 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. A PDF version of this sermon is … Continued


Rev. Claire will explore the June worship them of “Sabbath” as she prepares to go on sabbatical. Read a PDF of the sermon here. 06-02-19 Sabbath sermon


Where have you found sanctuary — in a loved one’s arms, under a blue sky, under a sheltering roof? How can we find sanctuary in the midst of this chaotic world?

Tough Love

“Love is not nice, it is often uncomfortable. It does not always make us feel good, it is inconvenient, it takes sides. Love is hard. Do it anyway.” — Rev. Annie Gonzelez Milliken. On this Sunday before Valentine’s Day, Rev. Claire will reflect on the meaning of love…true love…and what Love calls us towards.

Open the Door

Our faith calls us to a practice of openness: open to new people, ideas, and ways of being. But being open is hard! How can we get more open…to being open? Music Director Vivian Montgomery will lead the Adult Choir in dynamic pieces, and we will also commission our new team of lay ministers.

The Spiral Staircase of Faith

Rev. Claire will speak on the September worship theme of “Spiral.” Our relationship to religion and spirituality is not one-directional. Where does your spiral staircase lead? A PDF of the sermon is available. 09-16-18 Spiral Staircase of Faith


Rev. Claire explores the December worship theme of “Wonder.”   Read a PDF of the sermon here. 12-09-18 Wonderful Silence service

Who Needs You?

What do you do when you get multiple calls in different directions? What if you have to decide between calls — say, between parenting and justice work? This week Rev. Claire looks at the story of Rev. Waitstill and Martha Sharp, Unitarian heroes who saved thousands — at great personal cost. Read/Download “Who Needs You?” Reading and Sermon from … Continued


This Sunday is Follen’s second annual Experi-Worship –YOU get to experiment with new expression during worship. Choose from: singing and special music, quiet meditation/prayer, Soul Collage, or social justice action. Special guest musicians from the UU Musicians Network.

Should You Choose To Accept It . . . 

We’ve heard about our context and history, the new callings of our faith toward justice and active anti-racism, and how each individual is called to follow their own moral compass— which means saying No sometimes. This Sunday Claire will bring all these strands together with a final reflection on Mission.