Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn

Stewardship Sunday

Love is a feeling. Loyalty is a way to show that feeling in the world. How do you offer your love and loyalty to others? Rev. Claire, along with all three choirs, will celebrate our annual Stewardship Sunday in this multigenerational service. Read a PDF of the sermon here: 02-09-20 Stewardship sermon Today You tomorrow … Continued

Animal Blessing

Join us online for this multigenerational worship service! Bring your pet, a photo of a beloved pet, or a favorite stuffed animal. This service is special for all ages.

Join Us for Worship!

We begin our new worship theme of “Threshold.” In this liminal time, as many are vaccinated yet many are not, we are stepping through a threshold into a new place, self, reality… As we cross into “post pandemic”…what does that mean? What stays with us? What is left behind?

Join Us for Worship

ZOOM ONLY! Join us for worship online. Rev. Claire will begin our January worship theme of Simplicity. Follen will worship online temporarily through January 23.  


Loyalty’s greatest expression is fidelity: faithfulness. Fidelity might include monogamy—and for many Americans, it does—but many are discovering that fidelity can include different types of relationship structure. From open relationships to polyamory, Rev. Claire reflects on the surprisingly sexy topic of fidelity. Read a PDF of the sermon here: 02-23-20 Fidelity Reading and sermon


In this time of constant, shifting change, how do we take it one day at a time? Rev. Claire reflects on our worship theme of “Delta,” with inspirations including meditation, Alcoholics Anonymous, clinically depressed motivational speaker Glennon Doyle, and the recently departed Eddie Van Halen. Our music will complement the service.

Farther Down the Road

After Easter, a few confused and discouraged disciples took a walk to another town. On the way, they met a stranger who made them see things in a whole new light. What new possibilities can we open our eyes to, and find our souls awakening as well, in this strange Eastertide time?

Remembering MLK

ZOOM ONLY! Join us for multigenerational worship online on this weekend of remembering Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Follen will worship online temporarily through January 23.


Like buildings and bridges, human relationships involve bending, compromising, and changing. How can we stay true to ourselves and our values while remaining unbroken? Rev. Claire will preach and we will welcome visitors from our Partner Church.    

Be the Change

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” goes the saying. In this liminal time of change, how can we and our communities be bold, be brave, and be the change? Rev. Claire will share a story of inspiration from one nonviolent activist whose actions changed the world.