Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn

Touchstones that Ground Our Lives

Touchstones can have a metaphorical meaning—your own personal touchstone might be a quote, image, book, story, memory or place to which you return when you need strength, hope, and peace. For example, many people of faith might point to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. A PDF of … Continued

Easter Sunday

What could be more scandalous than what was dead coming back to life? What could be more scandalous than women being the first to discover a miracle–and tell everyone about it? What could be more scandalous than believing the impossible and hoping for the unattainable?   Read a PDF of the sermon: 04-21-19 Easter Scandal … Continued


Follen’s Parish Minister returns to the pulpit to begin our month on the theme of “Invitation.” If life itself is a special occasion — and of course it is — what does your invitation say? Read or download a PDF of Rainbows and Awe and Losing Your Cool

Merry Christmas!

Three Christmas Eve Services — 4pm: Family Service. 7:30 and 9:30pm: Traditional lessons, candles, and carols. Christmas Day Service: Sunday, 10:30am.

The Promise and the Practice

Our worship theme this month is “Promise,” and this Sunday we are upholding a promise to the UUA to do our part in supporting our friends in faith, Black Lives of UU. We’ll hear a reflection on “Black Joy” written by UU minister Rev. Kimberly Quinn Johnson, and Rev. Claire will share her thoughts on … Continued

Secret Power

Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Diana Prince — they all have big secrets. GOOD secrets! What is your secret power? If you were a secret agent, what would your mission be? Join us this Sunday to become a card-carrying not-so-secret agent! And . . . a big secret will be revealed: Who is the one-million-dollar donor? … Continued

Finding Our Touchstone

The worship theme this month is “Touchstones.” Rev. Claire will use the UU seven principles as one touchstone that guides our values and actions in the world, as seen through the lens of one of Follen’s longstanding traditions, the annual operetta. Children’s and Youth Choirs will sing in this multi-generational service. A PDF of the … Continued

Flower Communion

We celebrate our annual Flower Communion and bless babies and children!


Join Rev. Claire for the first Sunday of the new church year. Two multigenerational services, 9:30 and 11:30am. Nursery care available for children under 5; all ages welcome in the sanctuary. Religious Education resumes September 18.

The Question Box

Go ahead, ask Rev. Claire. This Sunday is her annual Question Box Service, where she answers your questions live. With music from the Senior Choir and a One-Room-Schoolhouse RE program. Read/Download Question Box Sermon Questions Question Box Sermon Our World Is One World There’s a Wideness in Your Mercy