Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn

What I Want To Tell You

What is our foundation? What is the cornerstone of our faith? The end of our church year and many special services are ahead, so this Sunday, in Rev. Claire’s last full sermon of the church year, she wants to tell you all the rest of the things that she thinks really matter in this life. … Continued

Flower Communion

Join us for this special ritual in a multigenerational service. Bring a flower for each person to add to our communal bouquet. All three choirs will sing, and we will have a story for all ages.  


The start of the church year! Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn, Beryl Aschenberg, and Chris Eastburn will welcome us all back to the Follen Sanctuary for this multigenerational service.  

Summer Services Begin!

Rev. Claire will lead us in our first service of the summer. Come worship in the more informal, intimate atmosphere of summer services! Video of the service will be posted later in the week.  

Join Us for Worship

Rev. Claire continues with our September worship theme: The Secret of Life. Religious Education begins with special guest Kemp Harris.  

The Secret of Life

Join us for a joyful multigenerational service! Rev. Claire will explore the September worship theme of “The Secret of Life” and all choirs will sing as we get back into the rhythm of the church year.   Read a PDF version of Rev. Claire’s message.

Join Us for Worship

Join us in the Sanctuary for worship. Rev. Claire will introduce the October worship theme of “Creativity” and the youth choir will sing! Regular Religious Education classes begin.   Due to a power outage mid-service, we were unable to have a recording of the service this week. You can read a PDF of the reading … Continued

Join Us for Worship

Join us for worship in the Sanctuary. Rev. Claire will continue our exploration of the October worship theme: Creativity!  

Join Us for Worship

Rev. Claire will preach on the November worship theme of “Transcendence.” Join us in the Sanctuary!  


Rev. Claire continues the exploration of the November worship theme: Transcendence. Join us in the Sanctuary for worship!