Music Director Vivian Montgomery

A Baroque Journey into Advent

Director of Music Vivian Montgomery and Rev. Tom Schade, along with period instrumentalists and the adult choir, will combine various readings with beautiful Baroque music. Read a PDF of Rev. Tom’s Reflection: In Praise of Badass Pregnant Girls PDF

Jazz and Poetry Service

The annual Jazz and Poetry Service for the New Year! Bruno will be away, but we’ve got Noah Harrington on bass, Molly McGuire as songbird, brilliant pioneer pianist Peter Cassino, and Eva Morrison wailing on clarinet. Bring your poems of farewell to 2019 or greetings to 2020!

Music Sunday: Salamone Rossi’s Shabbat

Step back in time 400 years to experience the Sabbath as would the Italian Renaissance Jewish community. We will be exploring the gorgeous music of Salamone Rossi, who established choral singing as integral to Jewish worship. Baroque strings, chamber organ, theorbo, cornetto and recorder. Sinfonia Nona Sonata in Dialogo Detta la Vienna Kaddish Bar’chu Read/Download … Continued

The Jewish Musician’s Guide to Useful Guilt

Vivian Montgomery, Director of Music, shared her life’s wisdom with us. A PDF of the sermon is available. The Jewish Musician’s Guide to Useful Guilt 11-25-18

Jazz Service

A contemplative service of jazz music and poetry and other readings.