Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick

Blessing the Animals

Join us for Follen’s summertime Blessing of the Animals service. All creatures great and small, fluffy or shorn, howling or yowling, hairy or scaly are invited to join us this morning. Stuffed animals, photographs, and spirit animals are also welcome to join the herd. This will be a shorter, outdoor service — fun for all ages! Read PDF of Animal … Continued


Asking for help is risky business! When was the last time you asked for help? How did that go? When was the last time someone asked you for help? How did that feel? Join us this morning to share stories and experiences about reaching out – or being reached out to – for help. Read PDF of July 17 … Continued


To know or not to know – that is the question. What is the risk of ignorance and what is the risk of knowing? There is much in this life that we “just don’t want to know,” but what happens when we have no choice but to learn?


Where are you from and where is your home? On this Independence Day weekend we will talk about home, homesickness, and the risk we take when we settle somewhere. View/Download PDF July 3 2016


What are you afraid of? We all have fears – spiders, small spaces, crowds, heights – but collectively what do you think our greatest fears are? On the final Sunday of July, our month of “Risk,” Hillary will consider the two things that strike fear in all of our hearts: loneliness and change.

Peace of Mind

We spend the final Sunday of our month of Sanctuary considering peace of mind. Sanctuary is available to us all the time, right? Or is it? Read the June 26 worship by HCG