“Share Our Space” Summer Showcase at the UUUM

Series celebrating music, art, and culture in Roxbury

Several events will appeal to children, and all will be in and around historic First Church in Roxbury, even as major work continues refurbishing the exterior. The full line-up is on the UUUM’s websiteThree upcoming performances, in brief, are: “Latin American Folk Song,” Sunday, 6/26, 4 pm; “Mum Bets World,” Wednesday, 7/20, 2 pm; and Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra Intensive Community Program Strings Chamber Concert, Thursday, July 28, 5 pm. In addition, the popularMankanda Project will perform on three Saturdays, 7/9, 8/13, and 9/17, 1–5 pm. Contact Follen’s Urban Ministry Congregational Team about carpooling for these events.