Membership Sunday

Join us in the Sanctuary or on Zoom. Rev. Claire will explore the worship theme of “Dragons” and we will welcome new members to Follen.  

Music Service

Join us in the Sanctuary or on Zoom for the Music Service! We will hear from our choirs and celebrate moving from dark to light.  

It’s Been Two Years

Join us for worship–in the Sanctuary or on Zoom–with Rev. Claire. We will mark the two-year anniversary or our Covid lockdown.  

FUUY Service

Please join our Follen UU Youth at their annual service in which they will share what has been on their minds and in their hearts since March 2020. There will be music, personal points, poetry, and more. In the Sanctuary or on Zoom.

It’s Complicated

Join us in the Sanctuary or on Zoom. UUs have always been on the “right side” of history…right? Join Rev. Aisha for an exploration of moments in UU history that we might want to shy away from, but that are just as much a part of who we are as the moments we celebrate. How … Continued

Space Exploration

You are welcome in the Sanctuary or on Zoom. Rev. Parsa explores how many of us grew up with the notion of democracy as ‘out of many, one’ as well. But as we work to repair a democracy that must make space for difference, how might we consider the space between us?  


Rev. Claire explores the February worship theme of “Repair.” You may join in the Sanctuary or via Zoom. Welcome!  

Stewardship Sunday

Join us in the Sanctuary or on Zoom to celebrate Stewardship Sunday!

Hope Is Our Door, Our Portal

ZOOM ONLY DUE TO STORM! Against the backdrop of an ongoing pandemic and social isolation, growing threats to our democracy, and our Earth itself in peril, the question arises: why and how do we maintain hope? We welcome Carol Rose, Executive Director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, to the pulpit.

Too Simple?

ZOOM ONLY! Join us as we explore the January worship theme of Simplicity. Follen will worship online through January 23.