Flower Communion

Join us for this special ritual in a multigenerational service. Bring a flower for each person to add to our communal bouquet. All three choirs will sing, and we will have a story for all ages.  

Join Us For Worship

Join us in the Sanctuary or on Zoom! We are joined by guest preacher Rev. Hank Peirce.

RE Sunday

Join us in the Sanctuary or on Zoom! This service is the celebration of RE Volunteers, Kindergarten Graduates, and we feature our early high school students who are completing the “Coming of Age” program in Religious Education.    

What I Want To Tell You

What is our foundation? What is the cornerstone of our faith? The end of our church year and many special services are ahead, so this Sunday, in Rev. Claire’s last full sermon of the church year, she wants to tell you all the rest of the things that she thinks really matter in this life. … Continued

Foundation of Hope

Our guest preacher is Rev. Laura Randall of the UUSC. The UU Service Committee has been advancing human rights and dismantling systems of oppression alongside our grassroots global partners for over 80 years. We explore how the foundations of our UU faith call us to action today.  


Join us in the Sanctuary or on Zoom. The worship theme for May is Foundation, and Rev. Claire will go back to basics, revisiting some Unitarian Universalist founding principles.  

Question Box

Join us in the Sanctuary or on Zoom! Rev. Claire will take your questions in an informal, get-to-know-you format. Watch for ways to submit your questions!  

Easter Sunday

What possibilities await for us this Easter? After what has felt sometimes like a two-year long Lenten season, how can we embrace joy, life, hope again? Once again we encounter the Easter miracle of transformation and find ourselves changed too. Children will be joining us for the first part of this service.  

Sing Anyway

Join us for worship–in the Sanctuary or on Zoom. On Palm Sunday the voice for freedom and peace confronted the voice of empire and war. As we watch from afar the atrocities in Ukraine, what messages does the ancient story of Holy Week hold for us? The Adult Choir will sing the Ukrainian National Anthem. … Continued

There Be Dragons

Join us for worship–in the Sanctuary or on Zoom. Rev. Claire will be delving one more time into the worship theme of Dragons.