Like buildings and bridges, human relationships involve bending, compromising, and changing. How can we stay true to ourselves and our values while remaining unbroken? Rev. Claire will preach and we will welcome visitors from our Partner Church.    

FUUY Service: “Smoke and Mirrors”

Annual Follen UU Youth Service. Please join us as our youth explore concepts of inner and outer identity and how we hide our true selves. This is a multigenerational service. Nursery care available for children to age 6.


Loyalty’s greatest expression is fidelity: faithfulness. Fidelity might include monogamy—and for many Americans, it does—but many are discovering that fidelity can include different types of relationship structure. From open relationships to polyamory, Rev. Claire reflects on the surprisingly sexy topic of fidelity. Read a PDF of the sermon here: 02-23-20 Fidelity Reading and sermon

Stewardship Sunday

Love is a feeling. Loyalty is a way to show that feeling in the world. How do you offer your love and loyalty to others? Rev. Claire, along with all three choirs, will celebrate our annual Stewardship Sunday in this multigenerational service. Read a PDF of the sermon here: 02-09-20 Stewardship sermon Today You tomorrow … Continued


February begins a new worship theme, “Loyalty.” Loyalty is a virtue in relationships of all kind, and it can have a shadow side. Rev. Claire explores the concept of Loyalty in our faith life, our personal life, and our world. Read a PDF of the sermon here: 02-02-2020 Prayer Loyalty cards sermon and Melanie Demore

Need Some Advice?

As we close our month’s worship theme of Perspective, Rev Claire offers some of the best advice she’s ever heard. No Name Choir sings. Just the sermon: Full service: Read a PDF of the sermon here: 01-26-20 Advice

A New Spirit Rising?

In the last years of his life, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. turned his attention to issues of war and peace: “We have a choice between nonviolent coexistence or violent co-annihilation.” Which way are we headed today? Children and Youth will begin in the Sanctuary before going to class.

“Embracing Darkness”

Rev. Claire continues her reflections on the monthly worship theme of perspective. Read a PDF of the sermon here: 01-12-20 Embracing Darkness Perspective Kendi anti-racism


Our worship theme this month is “Perspective.” When we gain a new perspective on something, sometimes we call that an “epiphany”–just like the holiday many people celebrate on January 6th, Epiphany. What is an epiphany you have had in your life–and how did it change you? Music from Epp Sonin and Jamie Leutz. Read a … Continued