An Abundant Life

Colleen McDonald, who participated in Rev. Claire’s preaching class, will preach. Her subject: 102 years of a life well lived.    

Deeper than the Skin

Reggie Harris and Greg Greenway will lead this multi-generational service with songs and stories about their different experiences and their common pursuit of racial justice. A youth-led discussion with Reggie and Greg will follow coffee hour. Light lunch provided.

Celebrating Diwali

Lex Johnson, who participated in Rev. Claire’s preaching class, is bringing us a Diwali celebration! Her sermon will explore how her cross-cultural childhood is relevant for UUs today. Choir will sing Indian-inspired music. Sermon: Full Service:

The Transformation

If you walked into a Unitarian or Universalist church in the early 50’s, and then again in the late 80’s, you would not think it was the same religion. What happened? Children and Youth Choirs sing, and children will join for the first part of the service.

Thwarting the Thieves of Wonder

We live in a world of paradoxes. Our world is both beautiful and harsh, filled with blessings and tragedy. Whether we want to admit it or not, we too are paradoxical creatures. We look at what Einstein has to say about these paradoxes and explore how religion can support us through the conundrum.

In Rhythm with the Times

For a brief period after merger in 1961, Unitarian Universalism’s optimism matched the spirit of the era. It didn’t last forever. The Adult Choir introduces a powerful statement of faith: Mark Miller’s stunning setting of words scratched on the walls of a cellar in Cologne, Germany by a Jew hiding from Nazi persecution.

Gators, Blessings and Such

This Sunday’s sermon is about being awake to the worlds around us;  hidden worlds for the most part:  small vine ripe blueberries, a bald eagle spotted in Maine, the ever-changing beautiful earth and a story about alligators, just for good measure.

Moving Closer to Who It Is We Will Become

Rev. Gary Smith shares reflections on fifteen years of teaching the art of preaching. The Adult Choir regales us with two contemporary songs rooted in early American traditions. Read a PDF of the sermon here: Gary Smith 09-22-19


We welcome the start of our Follen church year! Rev. Tom Schade has some experience with a church building project. The last month was the worst, a vivid reminder that the church was not the building, but the community. His sermon? “The Hardest Part.” Adult choir will sing!