And the Greatest of These is Love

All losses have the power to transform. The best thing for being sad is to learn something, says Merlin. Everyone is grieving someone, missing someone, worried about someone. We need to remember that we all walk around with pain and can strive to reach out and connect with empathy and kindness. Music: Shaylor Lindsay, piano.

The Messages Our Worries Can Send

Follen member Tammy Mulligan reflects on the emotional journey of parenting and what she has learned about how our worries impact others, and what we can do as societal expectations impact our youth. Music: Vivian Montgomery and friends.


Liana Raberg will speak about the power of compassionate listening and meeting others in their own reality, inspired by three years of work at a psychiatric group home. Music with Shaylor Lindsay on the piano.

Be Still, Magnify, See, Feel

In these fast paced, narrative driven days, sometimes our best course of action is to just stop mid-step, get down on our knees, and take a closer look at the ground. Hymn sing with Vivian Montgomery, accordion and Shaylor Lindsay, piano.

The Church is a Passionless Institution

In the 21st Century, ecstatic poetry often feels uncomfortable and hidden away from sacred spaces, like pulpits. Stories about sacred longing are often pragmatic, risk-averse, chaste. Why such a tame and trivialized love for God? When did we decide that the learned scholar was virtuous and that the lover was a scandal?

Truly Blessed. (Really!)

It is said that the mark of a true blessing is that it will take you where you did not think to go. And then there’s that voice that keeps saying, “Recalculating!” Jane will reflect on the continuing journey of being spiritual and religious. Read a PDF of the sermon here. 06-16-19 Jane Spickett

Bridging and Blessings

In our last service of the church year, we celebrate high school seniors as they cross the bridge to young adulthood. We’ll also recognize Brian Sewell’s service as Youth Program Coordinator as he leaves our staff, and send Rev. Claire on her way to Sabbatical with our blessings. Note: Service will run longer than usual.


Rev. Claire will explore the June worship them of “Sabbath” as she prepares to go on sabbatical. Read a PDF of the sermon here. 06-02-19 Sabbath sermon

Memorial Day

“By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept as we remembered Zion…” Follen member Rev. Marie Tulin leads us in a service of remembrance and reflection as we honor Memorial Day weekend. Epp Sonin provides music of the events Americans memorialize. Meanwhile, at Cape Cod weekend, this reflection was shared by Colleen McDonald: Beachmermin

“Everything Possible”: RE Sunday – Multigenerational

Join Rev. Claire, Vivian, and Beryl to celebrate our children and youth as we end the church year with our own unique rites of passage: Coming of Age graduates will present their “Credo Statements,” Kindergarten grads will be feted, and we’ll celebrate our RE Volunteers. Come be a part of this joyful, yet poignant, service.