Looking Back

As we approach the anniversary of beginning Covid-19 lockdowns, Rev. Claire reflects on the examined life, lessons we have learned, and how to stay bold and fresh in our thinking.

Risk All for Love (and Justice)

We welcome Rev. Buehrens, UU historian, to our family-friendly, online worship! Using stories from the life of Charles Follen, and a poem by Emerson, Rev. John Buehrens will deepen our understanding of what it means to “Side With Love.”


Join us for online, family-friendly worship. Rev. Claire will explore the February worship theme of “Risk.”

Stewardship Sunday

Join us for family-friendly, online worship and celebration!

Good Grudges

GRUDGES. What are they? Why do we hold them and why is so hard to let them go? And–how can they be a good thing–truly!–that helps us have strong boundaries and healthy relationships. Rev. Claire reflects on the strange and interesting power of grudges to help us be emotionally and spiritually stronger.

Strength in Flexibility

Sometimes strength isn’t about standing firm and holding ground. Sometimes strength is about having the flexibility to move, respond, change, and grow. Buildings and bridges are made to bend in the wind; if we don’t bend, we break. Rev. Claire reflects on metaphors of movement and change and how they can help us be strong.

The Trying

There is no shortage of injustices calling for our attention. Everyday, all day it seems, we are beset with violent rhetoric, and violence itself. The question then, is how? How do we tend to the egregious ills of our day without losing ourselves in the process?

Stronger Together

Rev. Claire will reflect on this month’s worship theme of Strength, and how spiritual strength is something different than a strongman’s might.

Question Box

Join us online for a multigenerational service. Ask Rev. Claire your questions. All questions are welcome: animal, vegetable, mineral; spiritual, theological, philosophical; silly, serious, or downright profound! Watch the newsletter for the form for submitting a question.

Jazz Service

This year we will continue our New Year’s jazz music tradition. Think improvisation! Wonderful musical offerings from a variety of Follenites of all generations, plus some readings that explore the mysterious power of music.