Mother’s Day Questions

Many mothers know–kids ask the best, hardest questions. And kids become adults who still don’t have answers! It’s Rev. Claire’s question box. What wonderings do you have about God, life, death, the world, prayer, people? This multigenerational service is open to people of all ages, and questions of all shapes and sizes!

Flower Communion

We celebrate our annual Flower Communion and bless babies and children!

Easter Sunday

What could be more scandalous than what was dead coming back to life? What could be more scandalous than women being the first to discover a miracle–and tell everyone about it? What could be more scandalous than believing the impossible and hoping for the unattainable?   Read a PDF of the sermon: 04-21-19 Easter Scandal … Continued


The best scandals are…sex scandals! Rev. Claire takes on the topic of Sex in this month of Scandal. You won’t want to miss this one! In honor of Palm Sunday, we’ll hear renditions of Tori Amos’s “Crucify” and Phil Oake’s “Crucifixion.”   Read a PDF of the sermon: 04-14-19 Sex Scandal and Palm Sunday

New Member Sunday

We welcome Follen’s newest members! And, Rev. Claire introduces our April worship theme: “Scandal!” Is there scandal from your past that caused you to see the world in a new way–or that you look back on now with new perspective?   Read a PDF of the reflection: 04-07-19 New Member Sunday and Scandal reflection

Music Service

Our service celebrates our Urban Music Friendships Initiative, and features all Follen choirs joining in song with choir members from Hamilton-Garrett Music Academy and Charles Street AME Church. A “Listening Lunch” will follow the service.

Mary Oliver’s Poetry

Mary Oliver’s poetry was a sacred inspiration to Unitarian Universalists—some might even liken it to scripture. This Sunday we will hear several of Oliver’s poems. Our music will also be poetry-inspired.

With Humility and Hope

We are honored to have former parish minister Lucinda Duncan in our pulpit, reflecting on the lessons she has learned in retirement.    


How can we embrace the spiritual virtue of humility while still striving to better ourselves and humankind? The choir embodies simplicity in song with Shaker worship service music.   Read a PDF of the sermon: 03-10-19 Humility and (Im)perfectability