We welcome the start of our Follen church year! Rev. Tom Schade has some experience with a church building project. The last month was the worst, a vivid reminder that the church was not the building, but the community. His sermon? “The Hardest Part.” Adult choir will sing!

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

John’s message consists of two stories, in one of which he tries to go it alone, and another in which he seeks help. He will make suggestions about the right way to seek help, which he hopes will inspire members of the congregation! Music: Epp Sonin, piano. Read a PDF of John’s sermon: Sermon – There … Continued


Rev. Tom Schade, our Sabbatical Minister will introduce himself and his one recurring sermon. (Every minister has one they preach over and over again with different examples. His is the “Power of Today.”) Music: Shaylor Lindsay, piano.

On Being Intentional

Follen member Robin Tartaglia will explore what it means to be intentional about the most important things in your life. She will look at how using the tools of discernment—reflection, identifying values, prayer, patience -can guide one towards wholeness. Music: Shaylor Lindsay, piano.

Fighting Against Bias: Seeing the Forest through the Trees

Follen member Lisa Levey reflects on the complexity of bias and what she’s learned about bias from her work and life. Music was offered by Music Director Vivian Montgomery and her spirited clarinetist offspring Eva Montgomery-Morrison. Read a PDF of Lisa’s sermon here: Lisa Follen Sermon FINAL (1)

Memory and Meaning

“The unexamined life is not worth living,” Socrates said, but what if you can’t remember your life? Follen Member Meg Muckenhoupt will reflect on the challenge of understanding the experiences of family members affected by memory loss.

Tangled Up in Blues

How a rich vein of clinical depression came to America in one family, flourished through the generations, and what they did about it.

And the Greatest of These is Love

All losses have the power to transform. The best thing for being sad is to learn something, says Merlin. Everyone is grieving someone, missing someone, worried about someone. We need to remember that we all walk around with pain and can strive to reach out and connect with empathy and kindness. Music: Shaylor Lindsay, piano.

The Messages Our Worries Can Send

Follen member Tammy Mulligan reflects on the emotional journey of parenting and what she has learned about how our worries impact others, and what we can do as societal expectations impact our youth. Music: Vivian Montgomery and friends.