September Spiritual Exercise: Spiral

Embody the Spiral

Approach #1: This month, find the time to walk or bike in a circle, twice. You can go with a
friend or alone, but try to do it in silence. It could be around Walden, the Lexington Old Res, a
mountain top, your neighborhood or back yard, or even the mall. The second time you walk it,
go the other direction, so that what was the end is now the beginning of your circle. (If walking
or biking isn’t your thing, any of the Lexpress bus routes will do wonderfully for your circular

What did you notice differently between the first and second times? How had the season
changed, your mood changed, your body changed, the surroundings changed? What did you
think about while moving in silence?

Approach #2: Or…if you really want to embody the spiral (and just do one walk, not two), find a
spiral staircase and walk up and down it: Bunker Hill Monument for the bold (294 steps);
Harvard Coop bookstore for the bookish (a couple stories with a café at the bottom); or a make it
a field trip with your covenant group and visit a New England lighthouse that allows visitors like
the one in Portsmouth Harbor
(44 stairs). Walk with intention, with listening ears and seeing eyes! What did you notice? Is
there a spiral staircase in your spiritual life, waiting for you to walk up it?