Restricted Building Access Starts March 17

The Follen Safe Congregation Team has made some decisions regarding the use of our building during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our primary concern is for the ongoing safety of the congregation and our community. I hope you will be supportive of our decisions on this matter.

  1. We are officially closing the building for general use until further notice. The door codes have changed. If you have not already been given a door code, and you think you need one, please contact

  2. We will allow building maintenance to continue as necessary, so we will grant access to contractors, members of the Construction Oversight Group, and members of Buildings and Grounds as necessary. If you are a member of one of these teams and need access, please contact the chair of your team.

  3. Staff may continue to enter the building to access their offices, however we expect staff to keep a safe distance from one another, and prefer that they work remotely as much as practical.  There shall be no face-to-face meetings.

  4. All building rentals will be cancelled on a rental-to-rental basis for as long as the building is closed.

  5. There may be other members that need access to pick up materials for online meetings, or other things we have not anticipated. In this case please contact the Safe Congregation Team at

Thank you,
The Safe Congregation Team

Beryl Aschenberg (Director of Religious Education)
Howie Bernstein (Program Council Vice President)
Tom Blumenthal (Lay Minister)
Alexis Johnson (Parish Board Chair)
Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn (Minister)
Rosemary Trowbridge (Program Council President)