RE News This Week

This Sunday February 12
Classroom RE: Nursery through Grade 6.
Neighboring Faiths (grades 7 and 8): Visiting Grace Chapel, to conclude their unit on evangelical Christianity. Cars leave Follen at 10:30am and return at 12:30pm.  All students must have a completed permission slip to participate.
Coming of Age: 4:30pm,Community Center
FUUY: 6:30pm, Community Center

Next Sunday, February 19 
Nursery care for children through age 5
Children ages 6-12 are invited to participate in a One Room School led by Jody Gray- Linden, Emerson/Alcott.

Deb Weiner, Interim DRE, will be on vacation February 16-23.  Please contact Lisa Levey or Maureen Markelz, REAT co-chairs.

Read Interim DRE Deb Weiner’s blog post, In the Interim: Perpetual Anticipation