RE News This Week

Thursday night
OWL: 6:30pm, Community Center
Meet a Bisexual You Already Know, 7pm, Anne Smith Room. The RE Team encourages parents of youth, and youth grades 8 and older to attend this Welcoming Congregation Committee presentation.

Friday night
FUUY Coffeehouse, 7-9pm Community Center

Please join Follen’s youth for snacks, drinks and fabulous entertainment at the annual FUUY coffeehouse!  More details below.

This Sunday
Nursery through grade 8: Regular classroom RE. New teachers start.
No Coming of Age. Resumes April 2.
Jam Drive Families are urged to contribute jars of jelly, jam, or fluff (to go with the many donations of peanut butter which the food pantry already receives).  Donations can be left outside of Deb Weiner’s door on the black cabinet, or in the kitchenette in the Anne Smith Room.  Thank you!

Interim DRE Deb Weiner will be off on Sunday.  Please look for Sunday RE Aide Lori Moresco or REAT member Leslie Stebbins if you have questions.

Read Interim DRE Deb Weiner’s latest blog post, “In the Interim: Come Anyway”