RE-flections: The Advent of Kindness

Advent is traditionally known among Christians as a time of expectant waiting, hopeful anticipation, and cheerful preparation. The word derives from the Latin ad+venire, which means “To come to,” or “to come toward.”  As we ready our families for the holiday season this year, what better way to prepare than with Kindness? By centering others in our hearts and minds, we Unitarian Universalists can count down the days to a meaningful Christmas, lift up hope, and create a better reality for those around us.

There are two ways that Follen can support your family in celebrating Advent.

  1. December Snowflake Brigade: This activity assigned three people from the Follen Community to receive handmade snowflakes from either entire families, or individuals. Registration has ended, but all are invited to contribute to the “flurry of snowflake greetings.”  Cut out a paper snowflake and deliver in an envelope to the bin on the Marshman Center porch before December 20. We’ll mail it for you to bring a little joy into someone else’s hearts.
  2. Christmas Kindness Advent Calendar: Each day between December 1 and Christmas, commit to doing at least one act of kindness for another person. This calendar makes suggestions for each day, though you are welcome to move them around or change the activity completely and do something else that you think of. A good way to track your good deeds is by crossing out the activity as you complete it. Have fun! You can find Follen’s Christmas Kindness Advent Calendar HERE.