Religious Education That’s Transformational: Register Your Kids

In just the few short weeks that I’ve been here, I’ve heard over and over again that your children are stressed. Lexington (and the surrounding area) is a great place to raise a family, and the school systems ranks high on the list for why many people want to live here. But there is a lot of pressure that goes along with a system that emphasizes excellence, and the kids are feeling it.

Give your children the gift of Religious Education this year. As children steep themselves in this good faith, they learn the tools of a lifetime, tools that will help them find balance both now and in the future. Tools such as “love”, “integrity”, “spiritual grounding”, “compassion”, “justice”, “conviction”, “fun”, “community”, and “relationship”. You’ll hear me talking about that last one A LOT as we get to know each other.


We’re counting down to a great year in RE that begins in just four short weeks! The RE Team would appreciate having most registrations in by this Monday, August 27 so that we can complete our planning for class size and volunteer needs. You’ve probably done what you need to do to register your children for school this year. Take a moment now while you’re thinking about it to register them for Religious Education classes at Follen.

And Speaking of RE Volunteers- We need YOU!
If you are “chronologically gifted”… or if you have a stake in social justice… or if your life is quite busy… or if your personal identify lifts up the value of being human in this complicated world…Even (and perhaps, especially!) if you no longer have kids at home… YOU have something to offer our Follen kids.

Being a Sunday School teacher means learning at least as much as you teach! It means taking a printed curriculum and making it yours, so that in turn you can make it belong to the children you are exploring with. We are asking Follen Folk to volunteer 5-6 times over the course of the full year, sometimes taking the lead, and other times assisting. You’ll have support from the RE Team and the Director of Faith Formation. In this year of interim class space, we’re all going to be flexible about making RE work, and focus on the relationships that make Follen such an amazing faith community.

Please sign up NOW so that we can include you in the planning. We are especially in need of additional assistants for the PreK-Kindergarten class, and the One Room RE gatherings that happen about once a month, as well as Middle School Youth Group Advisors.

Do You Have Questions for Me?
Tell me what RE means to your family, and discuss how you might be involved this year!  Or contact me at or 781-862-3805 ext 1004.

See you soon,

Beryl Aschenberg
Director of Faith Formation