RE-flections from the DRE

From Beryl Aschenberg, Director of Religious Education

What is it that we want for our children??

As parents, that discernment is a driving force in the choices we make every day. And as a religious community, we are asking the same question. After all, it’s a tough world out there… but it is also a beautiful world! That dichotomy -the desire to help our children see the world in all its awesome, messy, wholeness; to be accepted as they are… and challenged/inspired to be their best selves, and find their own truths- is a foundation of our Religious Education (RE) program for children and youth here at Follen Church.

Ingathering Sunday (September 8) is the start of a new church year and is a great time for children and youth to begin -or begin again- in the RE program. Our Ingathering Service will give us all an opportunity to meet and greet each other on what some of us consider one of the most glorious days of the Unitarian Universalist church year. Children and youth will be joining their parents and the rest of the congregation in the sanctuary at the start of the day. The service itself will be a joyful time of  story, song, prayerful beginnings, and lots of opportunity to say hello to your friends in the pews!

As the children and youth prepare for their classroom space and faith home to welcome them in once renovations are complete, we are going to spend two Sundays in joyful celebration:

Sundays, September 15 and 22. 10:30-11:45am:

All-RE gathering in the Waldorf auditorium, creating our own unique strands of blessings to decorate the new building. Beryl Aschenberg and Jody Gray Linden will be sharing stories and song in our opening Children’s Chapel services for children and youth in First Grade and over (with some Kindergartens joining in at their parents’ discretion) then we’ll spend some time playing together, getting to know children in many grades, creating art for the community,  and otherwise working to claim and bless the glorious new space coming to Follen. Highschoolers who want to join the fun and have a hand in making the new space come alive with the work of our younger generation, are especially welcome these two mornings.

Follen UU Youth (aka FUUY) begins on September 15:

Our vibrant and life-affirming youth group has a new structure for leadership that we’ve been building up to, with teens taking on more ownership of the content and facilitation of the gatherings. Of course, they are supported by some awesome adults as well, including Liana Raberg (our Youth Program Coordinator) and advisors Amanda Bergeron, Howie Bernstein, Rachel Howe, Herman Marshall, and Tammy Mulligan. It’s the “FUUY Re-Boot” dedicated to welcoming all 9-12th graders to take a risk and find themselves connected to a community where questioning is encouraged, spirit is engaged, and friends are there for one another. Please share this info with a teen in your life- we are looking forward to having a great time in our new space.

Along with our other Religious Education staff – Lori Moresco, Liana Raberg, Jody Gray Linden, Melissa Hawkins, Sophie McDonald, Emily Hawkins, and Annika Hawkins- I sincerely welcome your children to be with us on this year’s journey. In fact, I encourage you to invite your friends and their children to join you and yours at church this year- ours is a faith worth sharing!

I look forward to seeing you at Follen Church!

In faith, with love,

Beryl Aschenberg,

Director of Religious Education