Members Blog: Possibility

Follen Member and artist Cristina Burwell continues our Members Blog. She writes on December’s worship theme, Possibility. 

I have always thought that in The Great Scheme of Things, opportunities were placed in front of us, and it was our human responsibility to stay vigilant to spotting them and doing something about them. I still believe that.

But, like most things, it is easier said than done. We are in a season that is much different today than in the days of yore, when things would slow down after the crops were in and there would be more time to dedicate to wrapping ourselves up in celebrations and the merriment that they create (but on the flip side, we have indoor plumbing). Today, we are busy with all that Life throws at us, and this season more than most. (See our family’s 2016 holiday card, right.)

But opportunities don’t have seasons, they are continually present. And we must take time to quiet our mind to observe and reflect on what is around us and what opportunities are waiting to be seized. Because within opportunities lie possibilities.

It was during the Yankee Swap at Follen’s Knitting Covenant Group (I’m pretty sure that isn’t the actual name but I like it) that Rev. Susanne asked if I would write something about Possibility. So this was on my mind as the parcels would get opened and another wonderful skein or two would emerge from the wrapping. With each different type of yarn — a new color, a new texture, a new weight — there was a magical moment of wondering what could be made from that particular type of yarn. And naturally, being a novice knitter, I had to ask what people might make.

I still don’t know what I will do with my wonderful skein of rose-colored, tencelicious sock yarn (left). But right now it doesn’t matter — the opportunity exists, the connection and creativity has been born and the possibilities await. May all of us travel this season into the world of possibilities with a joyful heart and a curious mind.

In gratitude,