Partner Church Scholarship Students Appreciate Our Help

Follen’s Partner Church Committee recently received a list of students eligible for scholarships from the church leadership in Alsofelsoszentmihály, which determines which students are eligible for what level of scholarship. The students who are sponsored agree to do some service for their congregation, and to communicate their thanks to their Follen donors in a letter. Read a Thank You note from a Partner Church student.
This year there are three types of scholarships needed. The first level, $400, supports students attending the Unitarian Hungarian High School in Kolosvár. The second level, $300, assists students in high school or college who are attending a Hungarian language institution. The third level, $300, aids middle school children who travel to a neighboring town in order to attend a Hungarian school.
The students are ethnic Hungarians in Transylvania, Romania (part of Hungary until after WWII), and it is important to these families that they keep their Hungarian connections. The local schools are Romanian.
At this point we are asking you to consider aiding the children of our Partner Church. You can do this by donating either a full or partial scholarship. If you are willing, please send your donation to Church Administrator Sarah Garner with the amount you can contribute, and we will match you up with your student and, if needed, your co-sponsor(s). Please make your check out to Follen Church and write “PC Scholarship” on the memo line. If you have questions, contact Partner Church Committee Chair Sarah Richards.
Your aid to these students and their families is greatly appreciated, and the Partner Church Committee of Follen Church thanks you for your generosity!