Partner Church Committee: We Need You!

Dwindling Partner Church Committee (PCC) needs YOU!  

Due to members moving away, Follen’s PCC has shrunk and very much needs new persons to join. If you’ve wanted to get more involved at Follen without adding too much to your plate, joining PCC fits the bill.  

Not only is the lifting not heavy – perhaps 3 hours a month – but you’ll be joining at a time when our committee’s work is more important and vital than ever. Why? 

Our Partner Church Committee has for decades helped support the small Unitarian congregation in the rural village of Sentmihaly, Transylvania, Romania.  Because of the war in Ukraine, that church is now struggling under high inflation. In fact, inflation there in March was 14.5% — the lowest it’s been in a year! By contrast, U.S. inflation in March was 5%. 

Just months before the war began, officials at our partner church told us they no longer needed Follen’s $3,000 annual gift to maintain their 300-year-old building. But the high inflation rate unleashed by war has now forced them to ask Follen to reinstate our annual gift. We’ve promised we will. 

But in 2022, we began giving that $3,000 annual gift to the Unitarian Church of Transylvania to aid refugees pouring over the border from Ukraine. The Unitarian Church’s Providence Charity Organization has done yeoman’s work to provide for the many mothers, children and old folks who’ve fled. Providence volunteers also drive needed food, medicine and generators deep into Ukraine despite the war’s danger. 

Therefore, our Follen committee is committed to supporting both our hard-pressed partner church and Ukraine in it fights to survive.

To learn what membership on PCC involves, please contact John Lempesis, PCC chair, at You can learn more about our Partner Church program here. Grateful thanks!