Partner Church News: Master Carver Coming!

Our partner church in Alsofelsozenmihaly, Romania, generously offered to send a master carver to carve an object of our choosing as a gift for the new addition. However, since our new addition will be furnished in a more modern style, a la Ikea, it was decided that we should ask for a carved table for the entry foyer in the historic part of the church.  In this way, we will honor our connection with our partners in a place that can be noticed by everyone who enters Follen.

Retired minister, Rev. Jozsef Szombatfalvi, a master carver, will arrive sometime after the holiday season.  He will be hosted by Follen families during his stay.  Meanwhile, Andy Dixon has generously offered his workshop and tools to Rev. Jozsef and will take him shopping to purchase the wood needed for the project.

Barbara Meikle and Sally Cassells are making the arrangements for Rev. Jozsef’s visit.  Coincidentally, Rev. Jozsef was the minister at First Parish Concord’s partner church in Transylvania.  He is well known to Concord’s retired minister, Follenite Gary Smith.

We look forward to this exchange which will strengthen our ties to the Unitarian community in Transylvania.