Partner Church Helping Ukraine Aid Efforts

Here is a note from Rev. Jozsef at Follen’s Partner Church about the way they are participating in efforts to help Ukraine.

From Rev. Jozsef: “I have just been sent a report on aid and transport in Ukraine. If you would like to send it to the committee and church members.”

Dear friends, dear siblings in faith and good will!

On behalf of the Hungarian Unitarian Church and Providence, its charity organization, we express our heartfelt thanks for your generous support regarding the humanitarian aid work we have been carrying out for the victims of the Ukrainian war.

Attached we are sending you an update of our activities, which would have not been possible without your contribution. We would like to highlight especially this 4 minute video from our trip to Ukraine 3 days ago: 

Aid shipment to Beregszasz, 20 April 2022 – YouTube

We hope to be able to continue assisting the refugees in Romania and supporting the war victims in their homeland as long as it’s needed. With your permission, we will keep you informed regarding the upcoming developments of our work.

May God protect those who suffer from the war and have to flee for their lives. May God bless all individuals and communities ready to help people in need.

Yours sincerely,

Kovàcs István, the bishop of the Hungarian Unitarian Church

Rácz Norbert Zsolt, deputy bishop of the Hungarian Unitarian Church

Szabó László, president of the Providence Charity Organization