Follen’s 56th Operetta: “Ruddygore”

For more than five decades, the Youth and Junior Choirs of Follen Church have been performing Gilbert and Sullivan operettas every June.

Follen’s 56th presentation, “Ruddygore,” will be performed Friday June 9 and Saturday June 10.  Tickets are $15 each and available via or online at Ruddygore at BrownPaperTickets.

Cast list

                              Friday                       Saturday                          

Robin:                    Henry Walters          Robin Armstrong
Richard:                 Ben Horsburgh        Elias Carver
Despard:                Liam Wurtz              Adam Harrington
Adam Goodheart:   Connor Mulligan      Tim Watson
Mad Margaret:        Izzy Fox                   Juliana Stern
Roderic:                  Oliver Cotran            Evan Bitsko
Rose Maybud:        Jessie Cali               Isabella Scopetski
Dame Hannah:       Juliet Stevenson      Honor O’Shaughnessy
Zorah:                     Sydney Hart            Venice Mountain-Zona
Ruth:                       Becca Johnson       (Both nights)
Lead Ancestor:       Owen Hefferman     (Both nights)
Lead Bridesmaid:   Grace Walters          (Both nights)
*Leads above are in the chorus of villagers on their non-lead night.


Abigail Becker, Stephanie Campbell, Henri Engstrom, Marjory Feingold Thoryn, Bayley Fox, Camden Fox, Alisha Gandhi, Rohan Gandhi, Claudia Hart, Ian Horsburgh, Calix Huang, Caleb Johnson, Emmy Jones, Skyler Kropper, Amalia Linden, Anneliese Linden,  Kieran Linden, Owen Linden, Stuart Livingston, Hannah Markelz, Lucy Markelz, Neel Mohapatra, Heath Nevis, Jasper Nevis, Tess O’Shaughnessy, Maisie Rines, Lydia Rommel, Layla Roof, Nolan Roof, Dylan Scopetski, Ewan Swanson, Annika Truslow and Magnus Truslow.

For more info, please contact Lynnell Stern, operetta treasurer and ticket seller, at