October Spiritual Exercise: Touchstones

Find your purpose

Who do you want to be? What characteristics do you wish to embody and what life goals are ahead of you? This month, create a mission statement and find a way to read/reflect on it every day.

Approach #1: Don’t worry…the internet can help you figure it out.

This online program helps you create your own personal mission statement—a touchstone for you to print out and return to, again and again.

You don’t have to give your real name and email address if you don’t want to. The program takes about 10 minutes to complete. It will ask you questions about core areas of life and then translates your answers into a concise statement of purpose. When you have finished, copy the mission statement into a word processing document to refine and edit your answers and statements.

Approach #2: Pick A Poem or Quote That Speaks for You

It’s not cheating to let the words of others capture your purpose. Many of us have taped a poem on our bathroom mirror or put a quote at the end of our email messages to keep us focused on who we want to be every day. Instead of writing your personal mission statement from scratch, spend some time sorting through the poems and quotes that have been important to you over the years and bring in the one that best captures your life’s purpose.

And of course, you may find an entirely different approach than these. That’s great! But no matter the approach or format, be sure to bring it in to share with your group.

Together, think about ways you can help the others in the group live up to their personal missions—and ways they can help you.