Nominating Committee Announces Leadership Slate

The Nominating Committee announced the candidates for leadership positions for the 2021-22 year, to be voted on at the annual meeting May 26. Nick Hart is the nominee for Vice President of Program Council, succeeding Sophie Evett, who will assume the presidency. Lisa Snellings is the candidate for Parish Board chair, replacing Alexis Johnson, who steps down after a two-year term. And Cas Groblewski will be succeeding Harvy Simkovits as Treasurer.

Nick Hart, who grew up in Lexington, has been at Follen for 10 years. He has taught RE, served on the Nominating Committee, and was a Representative-At-Large for the Parish Board. He is the general music and chorus teacher for the Fiske Elementary School, following a career as a professional oboist. He is married to Ann Bobo; they have two children.

Lisa Snellings is a life-long Unitarian Universalist. She grew up in the Milwaukee, WI, UU church, and has been a member of Follen for 17 years. She is a co-coordinator of Follen Responds to Racism, a member and past co-chair of the Social Justice Action Team and the Urban Ministry Congregational Team, helped found the Brown Fund for Youth Social Justice Training, and has been a Coming of Age mentor. Until her 2020 retirement, Lisa worked as an attorney with the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission and Department of Public Health. She is married to Hill Snellings; they have two daughters.

Cas Groblewski will take over after Harvy Simkovits’s six years as Treasurer. Cas, a member for 40 years, has served in many positions at the church, including a pivotal role in the financing for the construction project, church moderator, vice chair of Parish Board, co-chair of BGAT, usher, and chair of the Legacy Society. He has spent his career in commercial real estate finance. He is married to Teresa Zabik and has three children.

Jen Vandiver will be joining the Parish Board as a representative-at-large. Program Council will be gaining four new representatives: Lydia Swan for the Community & Hospitality Action Team; Maggie Pax for the Financial & Human Resources AT; Margot Tracy for the Religious Education AT; and Sally Cassells for the Social Justice AT.