A 2019 rehearsal with director Sara DeLong.


Operetta Participant Portal

What has Changed about Operetta during COVID-19?:

The Production

Since we can not rehearse together in person or ask that audience members congregate to enjoy the show in June, this year’s production has gone virtual! As decided by the participants, we are currently preparing an hour long version of The Gondoliers to be presented via edited video on June 27th at 7:30pm.


16 songs involving named characters and 2 for everyone to participate in have been chosen by participants to be rehearsed on their own with midi tracks and then video recorded. These recordings will be edited together by one of our stalwart parent volunteers in the weeks leading up to June 13th so that our voices will continue to ring out together, though we are separate.


Every Monday, May 4th-June 1st operetta participants are invited to log in to a Zoom meeting to check in with Sara, the director and with each other. If you would like to attend and have not received the emailed invitations, please email Sara at operetta@follen.org.


Since we know not everyone may wish to sing in a video on their own, other ways to contribute to operetta are available! Submitting a drawing, helping with dialogue, or submitting a dance video are all other ways to have fun in operetta this year! Email Sara at operetta@follen.org if you planned to sing in operetta this year but would prefer to participate one of these other ways instead.

What has stayed the same?

The Show!

The camaraderie and friendship!

The opportunity to be creative!



Marco– Dylan Scopetski

Giuseppe– Hannah Markelz

Don Alhambra– Mosss Szaraz

Annifrangiornio/Duke– Caleb Johnson

Gianetta– Grace Walters

Tessa– Bayley Fox

Dutchess of Plaza-Toro– Lila Sandler

Casilda– Sydney Hart

Giulittoria– Claudia Hart

Fiametta– Lucy Markelz


About the Production

Gondoliers is a silly and colorful musical following the star-crossed paths of three different couples. Gondoliers asks us to consider societal norms of status and politeness- what is acceptable may not be what is right. How will the characters navigate society and end up fulfilling their own wishes and destinies? Come to the show this June 27th at 7:30pm to find out.

At birth, Casilda was pledged to marry the son and heir of the King of Barataria. Unfortunately, the King lost favor with the Grand Inquisitor, who then arranged for the heir to the throne to be kidnapped and taken to Venice. Years later in Venice, Gondoliers, Marco and Giuseppe, presently engaged to Gianetta and Tessa are crest fallen to be informed that they are both heir to the throne- one of them may have to sacrifice his bride in order to marry Casilda. Casilda is not happy with the situation either as she is in love with Luiz, one of her father’s servants. As Marco and Giuseppe’s ‘father’ has since died, the only person who can identify the real Prince is Inez who was his childhood nurse. When called upon to give witness, she reveals that neither is in fact the King’s son and that the true heir to the throne of Barataria is Luiz. This proves very satisfactory to all parties as the Gondoliers can keep their brides and Casilda can both fulfil her pledge to marry the king and marry the one she loves.

Join us for this fun filled time of song and fellowship this spring!