Sunday, February 23, 12:00-1:00 p.m. (Sanctuary) and Monday, February 24, after Youth Choir from 6:15-8:15 p.m (Sonin Music Room)

All roles will be cast gender blind (anyone can audition for any role – parts will be sung in appropriate range of the actor) and based on seniority as well as the following qualities shown in your audition:

  • Preparation
  • Enthusiasm
  • Theatricality
  • Musical confidence
  • Commitment and schedule availability

Everyone who auditions will be cast in the production.

How to Sign Up

Sign up for a 30 minute audition group online.

To audition, decide which song matches your singing range most comfortably and  learn the music between the red brackets marked [soprano, alto, tenor, or bass].You do not need to have your music selection memorized, although it is recommended. A pianist will be accompanying you. After singing during your audition you will be asked to read a portion of dialogue opposite the directors. The character you read or sing as may not be the same character you are auditioning for. Dialogue does not need to be memorized. If you would like to bring sheet music for, and sing a different Gilbert and Sullivan song other than one of the four options suggested, you are welcome to do so. Please be sure that if you bring a different song, you feel confident that the range of the piece shows your voice at its best in range and content.

Please choose

  1. a section of dialogue to read.
  2. one musical excerpt to learn that your voice is most comfortable singing (there are YouTube links to listen to your song and help you learn it) [soprano, alto, tenor, or bass]


Audition Form:

You may print and fill out your audition form ahead of time and bring it with you to your audition, or fill out an audition form at your audition on February 23rd or 24th where there will be printed forms available. Be sure to CLEARLY mark any rehearsal days you are not able to attend. (family vacations? graduation days?)

Here’s a link to Character descriptions and ranges:


Named Roles for which to Audition

Choose one character and click on the name of the character to view/download sheet music and a link to a YouTube video of the song we ask you use to audition. Then click here and choose a piece of dialogue you want to read in your audition.

Marco Palmieri – (tenor, Range: G2 – A4): A Venetian Gondolier. Not the brightest bulb in the box, particularly where politics are concerned, but his heart is always full of good intentions. A bit of a romantic.His time as one-half of the King of Barataria doesn’t actually sit well with him, and he’s relieved when it’s revealed that he’s not actually the King.

Giuseppe Palmieri – (baritone, Range: G2 – G4): Like his brother Marco, Giuseppe is a Venetian Gondolier. A bit more practical than his brother, he can still be quite thick at times. He likewise is glad to return to his life as a Gondolier when the King’s real identity is revealed.

The Duke of Plaza-Toro – ((character) baritone, Range: G2 – E4): A Spanish nobleman of ancient lineage, the Duke has fallen on hard times and seen his family’s fortune depleted. He hopes his fortunes will be revived through his daughter Casilda’s ascension to the throne as the Queen of Barataria, assuming they can ever figure out who her husband is.

Luiz (if the linked song is low for you, you may sing this one instead) – (baritone, Range: E3 – F4): The rightful King of Barataria, a fact unknown to everyone save his foster-mother, Inez,whom he believes to he his real mother. Employed in the service of the Duke of Plaza-Toro, he is secretly in love with theDuke’s daughter Casilda.. Luiz is far cleverer than the Duke and Duchess, but savvy enough to go along with the status quo while necessary and play the role of the good servant.

Don Alhambra Del Bolero – (bass-baritone, Range: G2 – E4): Grand Inquisitor of Spain, and the man who had the infant Prince of Barataria to be smuggled away, lest he fall sway to the influence of Methodism that had corrupted his father. Extremely clever and more than a bit of snob, Don Alhambra is greatly exasperated by the hijinks of Marco and Guiseppe.

Antonio – (baritone, Range: D3 – D4): A Venetian Gondolier who adamantly wishes the soprano and alto choristers would favor him. Antonio will also speak and sing the lines of Giorgio.

Francesco – (tenor, Range: F3 – G4): The youngest of the Venetian Gondoliers we meet. Francesco is the groupiest of groupies to Marco and Giuseppi, though he wishes the sopranos and Altos would adore him too.

Gianetta – (soprano, Range: Bb3 – B5 (C6)): A Venetian Contadina who is in love with Marco Palmieri. She knows how to get her way and while Marco may not be the smartest guy in town, but Gianetta looks up to him all the same.

Tessa – (mezzo-soprano, Range: Bb3 – F5): Another Venetian Contadina, she is in love with Guiseppe Palmieri. She flusters easily, but maybe more clever than all the other Contadine put together.

The Duchess of Plaza-Toro – (contralto, Range: G3 – F5): The wife of the Duke of Plaza-Toro, there’s no question of who wears the pants in this particular marriage. A contralto battle-axe in the classic G&S style.

Casilda – (soprano, Range: C4 – B5): The daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Plaza-Toro, she is revealed to be the rightful Queen of Barataria, and may ascend the throne as soon as everyone involved figures out who she’s actually married to. Casilda comes across as spoiled and quite snooty in her dealings with those around her, but she’s a genuinely caring and loving person, who would happily abandon her titles for the love of Luiz if allowed.

Inez – (contralto, Range: C4 – Db5): The foster-mother of Marco and Guiseppe, and the (presumed) actual mother of Luiz, Inez possesses the key bit of information in this story: who the actual King of Barataria is. Inez does not appear until the end of Act II; this is an excellent part for someone who’d like to be a lead in the show but is seeking a minimal time commitment, or else someone who would mostly prefer to be in the chorus but would enjoy a spotlight moment at the end of the show.

Fiametta – (soprano, Range: Eb4 – Bb5): One of the unofficial leaders of the Contadine, she suspects that Marco andGuiseppe may be not as impartial about which Contadina they end up, but can’t prove anything.

Vittoria – (mezzo-soprano, Range: B3 – E5): Another Contadina and Fiametta’s best friend. Vittoria’s current solo lines are quite short and may be expanded as able. Vittoria will also sing and speak the lines of Giulia.