Follen’s Tradition

For more than 55 years, Follen has put on a Spring musical production, in the form of operettas by Gilbert and Sullivan. This tradition celebrates music, humor and widespread participation for children and youth of many ages who are supported by adults in the church community.  The operetta draws in many talents (to build sets, costumes sell tickets, and more) and strengthens the bonds within our congregation.

The spring musical is Iolanthe.

Performances are June 7 and 8, 8pm.

The lead roles are set, but there is still room in the chorus. If you know someone who might be interested, please let them know they are welcome! More info.

About the show

The fantastical satire Iolanthe has delighted audiences since 1882 with its clever combination of romance, humor, political satire, and memorable musical numbers. Iolanthe is a fairy who has committed a capital offense by marrying a mortal; rather than being killed, she was instead banished from the fairy kingdom, never to see her husband again. Twenty-five years later, at the start of the show, the fairies still miss Iolanthe deeply and convince the Fairy Queen to allow her to return. Iolanthe reveals that she bore her mortal husband a son, Strephon, who is a fairy down to the waist but has mortal legs. Strephon also happens to have fallen in love with the Lord Chancellor’s beautiful and much sought-after ward, Phyllis, who loves him in return but does not know of his mixed lineage. Strephon enlists his mother and the rest of the fairies to help him win his lover’s hand by convincing the Lord Chancellor and the government to allow them to marry. Because of misunderstanding and conniving on the part of the Peers (of the House of Lords), the fairies make Strephon a member of Parliament, magically able to pass any bill he wants. In the meantime, the fairies all fall in love with members of the House of Peers, and the Fairy Queen finds herself with a political and moral mess on her hands. In true Gilbert and Sullivan fashion, the tangled plot unravels and all ends well.


Congratulations to the Cast!

Iolanthe – Juliet Stevenson

Fairy Ruler (the artist formerly known as Fairy Queen) – Henry Walters

Phyllis – Jessie Cali + Lulu Eddy

Tolloller – Eeshan Chakrabarti + Dylan Scopetski

Mountararat – Owen Hefferman + Joe Bromley

Strephon – Isabella Scopetski + Becca Johnson

Chancellor – Venice Mountain-Zona + Ben Horsburgh

Willis/Sentry – Caleb Johnson + Henri Engstrom

Celia – Grace Walters

Leila – Hannah Markelz

Fleta (solo part to be added) – Alisha Gandhi


Click here to see the draft rehearsal schedule: Draft Rehearsal Schedule


Take part in Iolanthe, co-directed by Sara Haugland DeLong and Vivian Montgomery, produced by Simon Horsburgh.


All Follen YOUTH are invited to participate as performers. To be part of the cast, youth need to join the Children’s Choir (grades 1-5, rehearsing Mondays 4-5pm) or Youth Choir (grades 6-12, rehearsing Monday 5-6pm), starting in early January, and committing to sing in the year’s 4 remaining services, in addition to the operetta itself. Please contact Follen’s Director of Music Vivian Montgomery with questions or interest about being part of the cast. If you would like to invite a friend or neighbor to be a part of the chorus, let Vivian know right away.


EVERYONE is invited to be a production volunteer! Help with:

  • sets
  • costumes
  • lighting
  • publicity
  • props
  • kid-wrangling
  • stage management

Please contact producer Simon Horsburgh at with questions or interest about being part of the volunteer corps!