The MPSC has completed its report, and the link to their findings is below. Now the Music Director Position is posted!

About the MPSC and Its Process

The MPSC is tasked with getting congregational feedback on the Follen Music Program as we head into the search for a Music Director. We are grateful for all the work being done by our Interim Music Coordinator, Shaylor Lindsay. Below is the timeline for the MPSC. You can reach the committee at

Music Listening Sessions
The Music Program Steering Committee completed 12 listening sessions Oct 20 through Nov 14 with over 80 participants from the Follen community, staff and FUUY, including a BIPOC session. If you are not able to participate in a listening session, there will be a chance to provide written feedback in a survey to come in December.


March 2022 Update: Music Program Steering Committee Presents…

The Follen Music Program Steering Committee hosted three sessions on Zoom, where they shared the results of all their hard work. They walked attendees through the steps of the process they took to create their Vision Statement, Mission Statement, evaluation of Follen’s Core Values, and their Charter for the Music Program. Here are links to the MPSC Congregation Presentation for Sharing that they used and the final Music Program Guidance document.