Music Program Steering Committee

Music Program Steering Committee Seeks Two At-Large Members

Follen’s Parish Board is convening an ad hoc Music Program Steering Committee (MPSC) this fall to coordinate the creation of a clarified congregational vision for Follen’s music program. The MPSC will engage the congregation in small groups, one-on-one conversations and a survey to answer these questions: Why do we have music at Follen? And how do we do music at Follen? The MPSC will oversee a congregation-wide process to gather information, share back, and prepare a music program vision, mission and goals document for consideration by Parish Board and Program Council in January 2022.  

Music at Follen has been challenged in recent years by staff retirement, staff turnover, a building project, and a global pandemic. Follen’s Coordinating Team and Worship and Music Action Team (WMAT) strongly believe that a congregation-wide process for updating and clarifying the vision, mission and goals of music at Follen – before initiating a search process – will best position Follen to attract, hire and provide on-going support to a music director(s) who can successfully help carry out the vision, mission and goals of music at Follen. The full MPSC charter document is available here

The MPSC will include a member of Parish Board, two members of the WMAT, and two at-large members of the congregation. The members of the MPSC will need to be good listeners and compilers of information, approaching the process with an open mind and bringing different perspectives and experiences within the church membership. If you are interested in serving as an at-large member of the MPSC, or would like to nominate someone else to serve, please complete this form at this link with your name, email, phone number, why you would like to serve (or why you are nominating someone else) no later than 12 noon on Friday, September 24.   

— From Follen’s Coordinating Team:  Program Council President Sophie Evett, Vice President Nick Hart, Parish Board Chair Lisa Snellings, Vice Chair Trapper Markelz, and Rev. Claire Feingold-Thoryn; and Worship and Music Action Team Chair Melissa Howe