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The Library is a circulating collection of recent materials and reference sources directly tied to the interests and work of the Follen Church. The collection is primarily non-fiction. The minister’s collection, the music, and religious education resources are separately managed and housed. The intended audiences for the Library are adults and young adults. A small rotating collection of children’s books borrowed from the Religious Education collection will be on display and for use within the Library during coffee hour and other events. Responsibility for a child’s use of the Library lies with the parent or guardian.

Library materials will be selected for the collection according to the policies of this document. Any request from a Follen Member for reconsideration of an item must be made to the Library Committee, which will review the request and respond with a decision.



The highest priority is given to materials directly related to Unitarian Universalist themes and which support the activities and concerns of Follen groups. Subject areas are listed in this document.



The collection consists primarily of materials in book form, though some rare exceptions are made for other formats deemed essential to the collection.



The Library Committee is responsible for selecting new materials. Suggestions from the minister, staff and church groups for items that support their work are welcomed and encouraged.

Action Teams are encouraged to work with the Library in purchasing, housing and showcasing books for upcoming events, programs, community reads and other activities. The Library provides a space for Action Teams to place books in order to make them accessible to members and findable via the library online catalog.



Gifts of materials falling closely within the purview of the collection policies are encouraged, but are subject to acceptance by the Library Committee. Donated materials must be in good condition, contribute to fulfilling the Library’s mission, and be of recent publication unless determined to be of significant historical significance to Follen. We are unable to accept magazines or materials in outdated formats. All proceeds from any sales of items will go to the Follen Library.

Donated items will only be incorporated into the collection if they meet the specific criteria outlined in this document. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any specific donation. Unless the donor has requested the return of an unwanted item, it will be disposed of or donated at the discretion of the Library Committee. Due to space limitations we are unable to accept books from Follen authors unless they clearly fall under our stated collection policies and subject focus. A list of authors who are former or current Follen members can be found on our web page.



Materials in poor condition, lacking relevance or use, or obsolete will be withdrawn from the collection and will be disposed of or donated at the discretion of the Committee.


Archives of Follen Church

The archival records of Follen Church are available at the Andover-Harvard Theological Library and may be consulted there by appointment.  Use this link to their catalog to see a partial finding aidThe archived Follen News and Newsletter are also available. 


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